Help with upcomming harvest??

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  1. Hey guys,

    Can someone post a picture of what a bud looks like righhht before it is cut and hung to dry??

    I am asking this because what I see growing looks a ton different from what I buy from a dealer down the street.

    I have one strain growing that is pretty deep into flowering already. I am sure it has a couple weeks left to go but I still want to see exactly it looks like before I cut them.

    I am not refering to the hairs being 85% amber in color , and the rest white. I know that much. I am talking about an overall picture of the bud and stem itself, preferably a cola.

    Thanks guys, hope you can understand what I am asking for. I have a large harvest this year coming in and I want to be absolutely sure I get the most out of it in terms of quality and potency.

    GC rox.
  2. Something like this?


  3. Yes, that is pretty much what I am looking for, thanks. Anymore pictures would be awesome as well... The more, the merrier.
  4. Liquor, most experienced growers harvest according to the colour of the trichomes, rather than the hairs. I have a little pocket microscope which I bought online for a few euros. I like my trichomes one third to one half amber.
  5. Thanks cantharis, that is more what I was looking for. Any pictures would also help a lot.
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