Help with topping my hulkberry auto (nearly 3 weeks old)

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  1. Hey guys, this is how my hulkberry auto looks like! It is my first grow and I am thinking about topping. I am a bit anxious about it as I am doing it for the first time. Should I cut the highest and newest nod at the top? Thank you!

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    Yes, but careful not to cut the little chutes coming out right below it. Tried to circle them.
    You can always wait a day or two and they'll separate a bit more.
    Or just cut the node below.

  3. Have I done it right?

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  4. That's more of fimming. Where you drew the line is where to cut.

    You might want to check out some threads on autoflowers. Not sure if you really need/want to top them because of the shorter veg time. Watch how the plant recovers and compare.
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  5. Oh, it makes sense.. This is my first grow so I am always learning. Do you recommend leaving it like that, so it grows on its own? Tomorrow she is 3 weeks old so in about a week I am expecting flowering.
  6. Just cut it down to the line you drew. Keep it simple. Don't over think things. Its your first grow.
    Spend your time worrying about proper lighting, temps, humidity, VENTILATION.
    The yield will come...
  7. I never FIM autos and I never FIM once pre-flowering begins...stresses the plant, stunting growth and decreasing final yield...

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