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Help with Tolerance Break

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toketokewash, May 16, 2010.

  1. I'd like to start off with some background info.
    I smoke consistently every day, haven't missed a day for over 6 months.

    Back to my t-break:
    I interviewed for a job yesterday, and am still waiting for my criminal background check to come through (no problems), and am going to have to take a drug test in two weeks.

    I was planning on stopping cold turkey but I decided to smoke a "last bowl" that afternoon, and last night while I was out drinking I took a few drags of another man's joint.

    As you can see it was hard for me to quit cold turkey, and I have no intention of smoking today, but if the opportunity arises I need to find some more will power to say no.

    Is there any advice from my fellow blades about how I should go about this? anything you tell yourself when resisting a toke?
  2. "Just say no"...Lol jk. My advice is to pick up a new habit/hobby for the time being. I would also recommend you avoid films and music that mention weed frequently.
  3. Just think about how high you'll get if you take 2 weeks off. Plus you wont be spending money and you can save it for after the drug test, and you wont have too smoke as much as you do now cuz your tolerance will be lower.
  4. I watched alotta movies, went to the gym, played my synth more when i took a 2 weeker.
  5. realize that you are going to have a hard time stopping because when you become an everyday smoker you do it when you are bored.
    So now you have to find something else to do when you are bored or dont have something going on
    go play mini golf or go to an amusement park
    it will escape your mind
  6. Try to avoid hanging out with people who are smoking weed. That will only make you want to smoke more. Hang out with non smokers or tell your friends to not smoke around you.

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