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Help With This Photography Technique?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by moreherb, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Not really sure if its a technique but I can do it again. It looks like a photoshop cut out but the reflection of the bud is a cut out silhouette. The reflection off my table is clear. I have done it with two different buds and they are both the same results so the diamond status trich reflection is not responsible for cutting the bud out the picture. The first two shots are Explosive Blue Dream indoor and the second is Girl scout cookies greenhouse. 
    Sorry for the size, im trying to fix it now if I can


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  2. Don't use flash in a low light area. Get more natural light and don't use flash.
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    Its an iphone, I know it doesn't have a lens&flash to back away from and get a good shot. I just haven't cut anything out with flash in any picture I have taken. The shot only worked with bud and popped popcorn so far so I was just playing with the flash in the light I have purposely kept low and backlight with sunlight and than use flash. Im trying to figure out if there was previous purpose for this or if it was cool fuck up.--& im not tryin to discover something I know someone somewhere has done it.

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