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    My friend bought this Lux about 6 months ago i would guess. I actually hit it the day he got it, and I remember it was nice. He bought it for 270, he's selling it for 160 with a bag and a k clip. It's not the best picture but it's 14 inches, with a 5 arm tree perc and a splash guard and ice notches. He's letting me pay it back any way I want (like 60, then 20 a week for 5 weeks, or 100 then 10 a week for 6 weeks). Is it a good deal?
    P.S. the downstem is cracked, but I have an extra roor downstem that will probably fit (lux is made by roor right)
    Thanks and happy :smoking:

    The pic isn't working so here's the link
    Ill keep trying it tho
  2. tan tan tan Andrew the FBI is on its way to your house as we speak
    or maybe u sold out your friend.
  3. Maybe I would believe you if you could spell or use grammar. As it is I think I'll ignore your comments.
  4. .........What?
  5. I would say buy it for sure. Nice bong for a nice price. I would try to get 25 knocked of cause of the broke downstem.
  6. He already took some off for the broken downstem, i think. I'm gona see if my spare downstem fits it before i buy it tho.
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    damn man for a cannabis user you really don't seem to have a good sense of humor, and I am sorry if my grammatical skills don't compare to yours, but english isn't my 1st or even 2nd language brother.

    Don't know why you would take it to heart, and btw "Ill keep trying it tho" Looks like you aren't in any position to bitch about grammar or spelling.
  8. I have a sense of humor but joking about that isn't funny. Period.
  9. i'd go 135 at best. glass doesnt appreciate or retain value. not in my world anyway.
  10. Ok man point taken I don't live in the US so I don't have any basis for comparison so I wouldn't know how it feels to be under that jurisdiction.
    Happy toking
  11. Sick bong!
    I would deffinately grab it.
    Just drop the 100, then pay 10 for 6 weeks.
    get it done as soon as possible.

  12. Why are you still posting?
  13. Maybe it's me but wouldn't the DEA handle drugs?

  14. he's buyin over a period of time i can see why he has to pay a few extra bucks
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    He's adding 20 bucks and getting a new downstem. Still a good deal?

    Edit: He might throw in my homework for tonight. It's a done deal if he does.
  16. Definantly not a good buy man... I get better BRAND NEW bongs for 160$ Id pay 100$ max on that lux and make him pay me back atleast half if it breaks entirely due to it being used and old. Also since youre homies you would think he would hook it up and give you a cheap price. remember dude USED
  17. Thats a good price. As long as it all clean and in good condition(cept for that downstem, that is), then i would def buy it. Dont pass this up. I got my lux(beaker) for 225 without a case[bought that seperatly] and i love it. My FAVORITE piece by far. I like it more then my straight roor zumo even. Lux and are two seperate companies of the
    Lux is more of a side branch of Roor.Us since they are ONLY made in this country(yay!)
    The arms are reinforced and its a very smoothe smoke, and you get good quality control for the price.

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