help with this lighting setup?

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  1. okay so i'm planning on growing about 5 or 6 plants (max) in an area about 3 feet wide, 3 feet deep and 6 ish feet tall (basically a closet)

    I'm planning on using flourescents for the veg stage, but I don't know exactly how many and what wattage I'll be needing (your help needed)

    ALSO, I may be able to get my hands on a Metal Halide fixture. This one to be exact:

    MODEL #1 – Metal Shade
    High Bay Light Fixtures by Cooper
    400 Watt Metal Halide Industrial
    Volts: 208 / 240 / 277 / 120
    Lamp Type: M-59
    Amps: 2.3 / 2.0 / 1.75 / 4.0
    Hz: 60
    Trans Type: CWA
    Catalog #: MHSS-M-400-208

    Would that MH lamp work? Would I use it w/ CFL for veg?

    Now for FLOWERING:

    I can get an HPS lamp for fairly cheep from a buddy. However, it's a 400W light, will that be enough to flower 5 or 6 plants? Will I need to include some CFLs in the flowering stage? Or what other lights should I use?

    Any help would be great, I'm a first time grower. Thanks guys
  2. bump? help?
  3. You can veg and flower under MH or HPS preferable setup would be veg under MH Flower under HPS but its not critical. I have done both and MH just tends to grow a bit faster say 4 weeks of veg under MH would be 4 weeks 3 days under HPS give or take. Difference isn't huge. If you really don't know the difference or think you need supplemental light I would just get one fixture to start.. you can get the 400W HPS and put a 400W CMH bulb in it (some say CMH is better than MH anyhow)

    You don't need supplemental light at all. Check the lighting sticky.
  4. i was thinkin about putting my HPS and MH (if i get one) above the plants with side lighting from CFLs. Should I even bother turning the HPS on during the veg stage? or bother turning on the MH during flowering?

    thanks again

  5. More light is more light. More light = more heat though.
  6. If your only going to have 1 room, then i would get a dual ballast. one that can power MH and HPS. just have to switch the bulb.
  7. well the HPS light i'm getting is going to be 400w (can run at 110v or 240v... probably going to have to go with 110v right?) so no dual ballast. i think what's going to happen is just flourescent bulbs for veg and then flouros and hps for flowering. should i include the hps in veg at all? also, is that hps going to get too hot if it's running with say 2 or 3 other flourescent lights? what wattage flouros should i get? and how many should i use for veg if i'm not using anything else?

    and has anyone tried the cmh before? can they be ran in a hps fixture like this?


    any tips are hugely appreciated... thanks again guys.
  8. also, i'm looking for a good cheap exhaust fan that will be good enough for this setup... any ideas?

  9. "cheap" isn't really quantifiable. Check my Vent FAQ for a couple different fan suggestions.
  10. ok, then how about recommending an exhaust fan the proper size for this type of setup that will pull air through a carbon filter and out of the growing room?
  11. Did you read the FAQ?
  12. yeah, are the pc fans too small for like 5 plants? do i need to do the stanley blower mod?
  13. I would go with the stanley blower mod, or get an S&P 100X.
  14. gotchya
    is there anyway to exhaust from a closet? if i use the closet as my growing space, i can't cut holes for exhaust, is there a way around this?


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