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Help With This Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cRiTiCaL, May 27, 2009.

  1. #1 cRiTiCaL, May 27, 2009
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    I've never used a bong before and I'm looking to buy my first bong. I don't want to go all-out purchasing some crazy expensive bong that I have no idea how to use.

    I want to buy this bong: Acryl bong clear - Bubble Bongs

    Is that all I need, or do i need to purchase anything else?
    Besides ganja :rolleyes:

    Also if somebody could tell me how to use it,
    like how far up i fill it with water, and how many bong hits will i get off of a 20 bag?
    (sorry for no exact weight on the 20 bag part)
    Do I need to grind up my bud before putting it in the bowl or can i just pack a whole nug in there?

    Sorry for sounding like a noob, but I'm extremely new to bongs.
    Thanks :smoking:
  2. Acrylic, ewww. Get a glass bong you'll be much much happier in the end and your bud won't taste like dirty hooker asshole.
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    pretty much the same thing, but in glass and cheaper. you're welcome.
    Glass Bong - Regular Glass Bongs

    when it gets to you, it should arrive with the bong and the bowl. put the bowl in the hole on the bong, grind up the weed, or break apart with your hands. you want as much surface area as possible. Fill water about 1/2-1 inch above the bottom of the stem.

    when you put the bowl in the bong, put your mouth on the tube, light the bud, inhale as much or as little as you want (if you are new to bongs, take small hits first), and when you are done getting the smoke in the chamber, lift the bowl back out of the bong. Remember, you might not want to fill the entire thing with smoke on your first go. it will put you on the floor if you do. just fill the bottom 1/3 of the bong with smoke and lift the bowl out for a hit. they are a lot different than pipes and blunts/joints so you should try to get use to it as much as possible.
  4. Personally I'd recommend you get a grinder too. I find it burns more evenly and you go through less pot as a result. I picked up a chromium crusher on ebay for like 25 and I was very happy with it.
  5. Wow thanks guys,

    when i grind up the weed, it wont fall through the bowl and into the bongwater?
  6. get a screen and then it wont.
  7. Use a smaller nug at the bottom of the bowl to keep it from going in, or get a screen.

    Also, get a glass bong, not only does it makes things taste better, but it's all around better. It won't break as easy, it looks nicer, and you don't have a shitty carb on it.
  8. For the first few tokes, put a small but non-ground up bud into the bowl, and then pack grinded on top of it. Once you build up enough resin, it will keep the ground up weed from falling through, so you can then pack only ground up.
  9. it might, so you might want to get a glass gauze or glass screen...whatever you wanna call it heres the linkk
  10. like they said go with seems you know everything else. You could just break the weed up with your fingers but grinding is good too. You could get a screen for it which would be really cheap or just roll your broken up bud into a nice ball and put it in the bowl. Toke away.

    Edit-I would not get a glass screen...i've heard from people who like them but they were terrible whenever I used them. I would never use a screen and just roll my bud into a ball. I would maybe get a screen now for my bong but if I did it'd be metal. I just use a vape now.

  11. Metal screens taste bad and are bad for you. A glass screen adds no taste and is the same badness for you as the tubing... Whats wrong with glass?
  12. How are they bad for you??? I doubt that, my vape requires a metal screen as most do.

    What are you talking about the badness as the tubing? You only get taste of the tubing in the first few uses, if that's what your referring to.

    My problem with glass screens is that in my experience, they are terrible. They don't fit in the bowl good and makes it real easy for bud to just slide past it. Also the weed sits in it awkwardly rather than naturally. Is that reason enough?
  13. What i'm saying about the badness of the tube is that there is none. So there is no badness with the screen. And smoking any metal is bad for you just ask around. Glass screens are just healthier.
  14. LOL!!! You don't smoke metal dude, you just heat it.
  15. Thanks a lot guys,

    Thats basically everything i was ever concerned about with buying the bong :)

    Thankgod for GC ;]
  16. u should go for one with a slide not a carb...they are just more satisfying to use
  17. from the two most common metals used in screens, brass melts at like 900. Injestion would be bad, but inhalation is impossible, as vaporization of the metal would be needed to perform such an act. Unless the screen is double dipped in rat poison and cat shit before they ship it off, I think smoking with a metal screen is a-okay.

    same thing with foil. unless you get the foil that has chemicals added to one side of it to stop food from sticking, then you are fine. There are cheap tin foil brands that do not add chemicals.
  18. Agreed. Get a glass one. More expensive, but much better.

    Fill it with water so the water about half fills the rounded bottom. Grind the weed up and pack it in the bowl about as right as you would in a pipe. As for how many hits, it depends on the size of the bowl and the size of the hits you take.

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