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  1. it's gonna depend on how many you have room for. If you have limited space and don't wanna take the time to grow em all to veg and clone em to see whats what Id prolly go with the Fem, but im lazy so =/
  2. Get the Fem. seeds for sure.....waiting for seeds to show their sex is a waste of valuable time.
  3. Use a system that houses each separate. That way you can flower them all at once and easily junk the males without disturbing the females.

    Or... wait until you can take 2 clones from each and put those on 12/12. Make sure you mark them carefully so you destroy the right plants.

    This way you can veg the seedlings right up until you flower them. You can always put the clones back on 24/0 for a bit to re-veg the most vigorously growing ones.

    Going with clones is very VERY nice when you know the characteristics of the plant and have grown it a few times. There's ALWAYS a bit of unknown when you go from seed.

    Even fem seeds are only 99% female, keep that in mind. :)
  4. Dont get auto flower, it is better to just run your lights 12/12 all the way... much higher yield

    i would recommend getting some Nirvana or Kc if you are low on money

    they are cheap and good

    Kc's Leda uno, Mango, and Brains Choice are verryyy nice

    same with most anything by nirvana but would really recommend White Rhino, Aurora Indica, and Sk#1
  5. trying to find a strain more on the sativa side for the cerebral high... anyone have any good ideas?
  6. in that case get

    Kc brains
    Brains Choice
    Haze Special (will take forever to flower tho)

    White Widow
    Power plant
    Skunk #`1
    jack herer
    Northern Lights X Haze

    they are all mixes (exept the haze) but will give you a nice up high with the right Pheno

    would also really really recommend DJ shorts Flo but those are more expensive, my guess is you are trying to save money.
    If not i have a WHole nother list...
  7. 5$ more for 10 females is worth it over saving 5$ to get females and males, unless ofcourse your planning to polenate which i doubt.

  8. ugh it depends

    could get some hermies, or jsut not the strain you want

    i would say

    grow out ALOT of palnts

    find your favorite phenos

    and keep a mother to keep taking cuts from

    best thing you can do....imo :wave:
  9. C-99! There are some great F2 beans available now for around $80 US. PM me if you're interested in the link. (I haven't used them personally but they come highly recommended)

    Personally I have 2 Skunk #1's going while I save my money for C-99 F1's that should be coming in November. (See my sig)

    After 25 years of smoking MJ I ran across ONE 1/8th of Cinderella-99 and it changed my life forever. I can honestly say I've never come across ANY Sativa that's like her.

    Taste: Sweet & Fruity. EVERY HIT! Never had anything sweet to the last hit like that before
    Head: CEREBRAL! My creative juices go into overdrive on this lady. I'm super effective.
    Body: ENERGY! Go play tennis or swim or ride a bike or work or do any other physical activity. She has staying power so you can get things done. :)
    CREEPER! The high amplifies after around 12-15 minutes so don't smoke too much until you're aware of how much you require. (only smoke that's ever given me the hand-shakes LOL)

    I personally can't do Indica varieties and most Hybrids mess with my head so I'm a strict Sativa fan. Unfortunately most Sativas take 10 weeks or longer to flower.

    C-99 is approx 60 days. :)

    Hope that helps. :)

  10. What's the Indica Head Stone content of DJ Shorts?? I could have picked up some VERY healthy looking clones of it for $15/each but I didn't know the strain so I got Skunk #1 instead.

    What's the smoke from DJ shorts like? :)
  11. Errrm... No. Sorry.
    It's breeders like this that give MJ a bad name. *sigh*

    (quote from the site)
    "This is similar to the famous Cinderella 99
    Five 'Cindy 99' Seeds per packet."

    I PM'd you the link to the F2 beans. I wouldn't have any use for these seeds as I don't see it as a bargain in any way. Possibly diluted genetics along with the addition of potential hermies. All added to a strain that's been specifically bred for stability (no hermies) and strong genetics (very little variation from seed to seed).

    Just my opinion. Humble or not. :)
  12. well if this C99 are as good as you say.. then i have to get my hands on some! haha Maybe a early christmas present for myself this year..
  13. There are very few things in life that I believe in fully. IMO you'll never go wrong with C-99 and everything I've heard about her growing characteristics shows she's a true balanced strain.

    F2's will definitely give you the Phenotype you're going to want. Grow them all out at the same time... clone them and put the clones on 12/12... You'll see flowers on the one you want at day 43 of 12/12. :) She's your mum you'll want to clone. :)

    From what I hear she clones easy and finishes in 8 weeks so it's not like a long flower period for regular sativas.

    I can't wait myself :)
  14. any other good ideas for sativa strains? or good hybrids for indoor cultivation?
  15. ugh.. just too many strains out there to make a decision...
  16. Check out the selection at You can see pics of their strains in their forums.
  17. they have already been mentioned... so has their purple cindy i believe

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