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    I have the tent in my shed in the backyard so it's normally 80-90 in the shed. How would I keep the temp in the tent down?
    I have 600w hps and mh
    I have 400 cfm inline fan for exhaust
    And no fan for air coming in
    In 4x4x6.6

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  2. Run fresh air/exaust to the exterior of shed
  3. Run fresh air/exhaust to exterior of shed
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  4. Do you mean like bring in air from the outside of the shed

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  5. Yep the air will be cooler outside the shed
  6. I agree, I would pull fresh air in and also run a hood/cool tube if you don't have a chance to run ac.
  7. I use two if these.

    One is setup on an exhaust fan so when it gets too hot in there, it will kick on my exhaust fan which will suck out the hot air and bring in outside cooler air (you would obviously need to cut some intake holes)
    The other is setup on a small space heater and will bring on the heat if it starts getting chilly in there. 

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