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Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by Corky99, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Hi guys my seedlings stretched alot.
    I have sorted it and stopped it stretching but my question is can I add more Coco to my 5 gallon pots ?

    I have room at the top to put some more in. Can I add more a bury some of the stem ?
  2. why are they stretching?

    what lights are you using.

    post a picture of your setup
  3. Yes you can bury up the stem. In fact even if you removed lower branches, you could bury even deeper and new roots will emerge, as they would a tomato plant

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  4. what light are you using
  5. 400w hps
  6. Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 5.01.55 AM.png

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  7. They was under 600w I dimmed it back down to 400w
  8. I'd keep it at 600w the whole grow. Start at like 3feet+ away, every 1-2 days lower it an inch until you find that sweet spot.

    By sweet spot I mean if you can check them daily, you'll come back the next day and notice sliight stress, perhaps tacoing of the leaves, then you know to raise it back up an inch.

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  9. Oo ok I was told to dim it back down to 400 w as they are only 2 weeks old
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  10. 2 weeks...

    they could go under a 24w cfl for a week and they'd be fine.

    400... you're just heating the space with that

  11. They are under a 600w now at 18 inches
  12. How Far Should Grow Lights be From Cannabis Plants? | Grow Weed Easy

    Here’s a quick reference guide to use as a starting point:

    Grow Light Closest ~ Sunlight Furthest
    8″ (20cm) 10″ (25cm) 12″ (30cm)
    250W 10″ (25cm) 12″ (30cm) 14″ (35cm)
    400W 12″ (30cm) 14″ (35cm) 19″ (48cm)
    600W 14″ (35cm) 16″ (41cm) 25″ (64cm)
    1000W 16″ (41cm) 22″ (55cm) 31″ (79cm)

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