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help with stash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yodaweed, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. okay so i hollowed out a deoderant stick and its too light, like if someone picked it up they would think something was up with it

    so how can i add weight to it so its not too light? thanks :smoke:
  2. You could glue a few washers to the inside. Also, what are the odds that someone picks up your deodorant?
  3. you shouldve just taken the deodorant stick out, extend the bar all the way then break it off the bottom, cut some off, unscrew so the platform goes down, then place the stash, then cut a lil off the deodorant and push it back into the top. i use a rubber band to take the deodorant back out but do whatever you want. if its too light just put a few rocks on the bottom
  4. Nobody would think something's up with it, they'd just think its empty. Maybe just keep it in your room or something if you share a bathroom with your parents. Doubt they'd ever look inside YOUR deodorant..
  5. Put a paper weight in it.
  6. Put small weights in or a magnet maybe..also you could add nuts,bolts,screws,nails... change (penny, nickel, ect)

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