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  1. it doesnt have the seed shell on it, it looks like it's been broke off when it was breaking through the soil. will it live? like it just a lil stem and nothing else, no leaves no shell
  2. thats how it will start, should be a green "ball-like" structure on top. If you havent touched it, the seed pod casing should fall off naturally (sometimes below the surface. How old is the plant?

  3. three days old, give or take a day or two, i didnt notice a green ball like thing at the top but i'll go check now and see if there is
  4. definitly let me know that, 3 days is odd, i usually get sprouting in less then 10hrs (overnight) but then again, i know what i am doing lol.

    Possibly snap a picture and put it up as i can tell you exactly whats going on if i see it.

    Did you germinate the seeds before you planted them? if so, how deep did you plant the seeds?

  5. i did germinate them for 24hrs with the paper towel method, i put them about a 1/4in in the soil when the taproot showed, i'll try to take a picture tonight when i get off of work
  6. next time you do it, try this

    take a damp piece of paper towel and put it on a dessert plate, sprinkle the seeds on it, and take TWO WET layers (warm) of paper towel and place it over top. Take clingwrap and make sure you have a 100% seeled layer over the towels. You should see condinsation forming later onn...thats the perfect enviornment. Place a second plate of equal size facing downwards on top of the cling wrap so it looks like a.....flying saucers? (lol!)... and put em on the fridge or by a baseboard heater...somewhere that is constantly warm.

    when you plant the seeds, take a pen and poke a TINY...i mean... the smallest dent in the world whole a gently place the seed (taproot down of course) in the whole.. the top of the seed should be exposed. then push a TINY amount of soil up AROUND the seed to secure it in place..the pointed top of the seed should still be exposed. then, clingwrap the top of the pot and bake it under your lights and overnight, you should have a full sprout in the morning.

    Humidity is of the essence, hence the clingwrap. with no word of a lie, if you do this correctly, you can go from ungerminated seed to a healthy 1 inch stem with immature leaves in 48 hours (or less, my last round was up in 24)

    hope this helps

  7. nice advice! ill have to do that on my 2nd time around:hello:
  8. thanks, you will be amazed at how well this method works.. its my hybrid method that i used that kinda of combines the best of the best growing techniques.. if it helps, consider hitting me with a +rep and post yor testimonials!

  9. i already got you on the rep man:wave:
  10. i saw that, thank you very much :)

  11. i just had 2 out of 4 seeds sprout today and it's been less than 24 hours.

    ..and im using some bark mulch i found lying around the house

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