Help with Spraying Permethrin or alternatives to control pests

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Howdoo, Aug 9, 2019.

  1. I have concentrated permethrin branded as “Pounce” that I was considering using to control aphids and others that are starting to set up shop on my outdoor plants that are still in pre-flower.

    Anyone have experience with this? Also, any other simple solutions other than permethrin would be welcome as advice!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Dr doom bomb works nice, outdoor best to shake and walk around while its going off.
    Moreso a one time application use

    For aphids especially, you could order lady bugs to eat em, some have luck. Bought some from a grow shop and they were all dead,
    Ended up finding some online, twice as many for the same price, came all alive. Could link you to if interested.

    Have you tried neem oil?

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    Thanks for the advice! I haven’t tried anything yet, wanting to know if permethrin was ok to use, and alternatives if not safe.

    Neem oil seems to be one of the top choices, looking for a general consensus

    Checked out that Dr Doom fogging can, looks like a great choice for me, I have a tarp enclosure that would work great!
    With that I’m assuming that 2-3 treatments 4-5 days apart should eliminate everything?
  4. Its relatively safe...permethrin is used as a cream for humans to rid scabies and lice infestations in case you didnt know.
  5. I’ve just used Neem oil in 2.5 months and I’ve been good so far. I’m no pro so this could just be luck.
  7. Outdoors you need a safe zone around your plants. A killing field of the permethrin ten feet or so out from the plants and in any surrounding vegetation nearby. By the time anything gets to the girls it's usually already too sick to eat. A lot of times nothing needs to be sprayed directly on the cannabis if it's killed before getting there.
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  8. I really love this method! That way I can use the permethrin mixed STRONG in the “kill zone”.

    Ronhip’s method for the BT and Spinosad sounds great if needed. I have a tent enclosure that is 13x8x8 that I was planning to put over them and do a DR DOOM bomb 3 days apart, so if this eradicated everything I will set up this “kill zone”. If needed, use permethrin or the BT/Spinosad.

    Anyone have suggested concentrations of permethrin to use? The Pounce insecticide 384g/litre of permethrin. I used it at 4ml/10litres on cabbage and peppers (moth larvae and aphids on peppers) and it killed the moth larvae but not the aphids. Upped the dose to 8ml/10 litres and the next morning there are still some tough buggers alive on the peppers.
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  9. I'd mix it strong. I know my killing field needs refreshing if I start seeing any leaf hoppers or bugs on the ground around my plants. If they get through the killing zone it's hand to hand combat then. Much easier to control the bad guys that way.
  10. 10-4
    I noticed more on there now and the ones on the peppers are back too!

    Apperantly 1ml/litre isn’t enough... I’ll double it and see what happens!

    Anyone know if weed has a sensitivity to strong permethrin?
  11. If I did use any pesticide outdoors - and in over twenty five years I never have - it would probably be BT. For the simple reason that it targets specific plant pests. The general pesticides kill everything, including beneficial predator insects.
  12. Yeah it works docking great
  13. Fucking

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