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help with some rolls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by heyitsmeallen, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    i picked these up today but im havin trouble finding a report.
    any help?
    also what fucking color would you call these?
  2. Dude, last time I checked this wasn't "EcstaCity"......
  3. your right. this is grasscity. a forum for people who smoke weed and also do other drugs.
    how many other threads do you see out there about other drugs besides weed.
    if your not gonna help me find a report.
    or if you havent tried my rolls.
    then please dont post shit that spreads negative vibes in my thread.
  4. Pandora's box man. This forums for herb.
  5. this, they will know
  6. lol they look fucked up, all diff colour specks. Maby "fish" or "spade"? just check your area in pill reports you should be able to find em

    or box knows all

  7. I'll help you find yourself a report. Pandora's box. You're the one spreading negative vibes man...
  8. well could a mod please move this thread since its in the wrong place
  9. those beans are lookin dope... nice color but the out print stamp might make it less strong, from my experience.
  10. yeah thats my expierence as well.
    but the girl said they were dank rolls. :hello:
    and ive gotten from her before
  11. Just go to, they will probably have it on there u just got to search alittle.

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