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  1. Im supose to be getting some white russian clones and a 1000 watt hps light in two weeks. The room that i can grow in is 10 by 15. I was thinking about making a box inside the room probally about 7 by 7. Im going to grow in soil. My questions are
    1) Will a 1000 watt hps light be allright for this space. This would give about 2200-2500 lumens per sq ft
    2)Will it be ok to plug a power strip into the wall and then plug the light and fans etc into the power strip or does something have to be done to the outlet.(there are 2 outlets in the room)
    3)To help with electricity cost i was thinking of using a differant bulb for most of vegatative growth. Would 4 ft flouros be sufficient or can anyone tell what would be a good idea.
    4) Would 16 plants be good in this space. I figured i would have to move them around so that they get equal amount of light.
    5)I can spend about as much money as i need but i wanna try to keep it low cost. Would it be a good idea to use CO2 or is it really complicated. If so how much would it cost to set up a CO2 system. Is a CO2 system worth the cost(does it greatly improve the yield).

    I would love any other advice anybody has.
  2. thats a lot of high dollar professional equippment,,,,for you to not know where to plug it in at ,,,,,id suggest you really do some research search the threads your answers are posted everywhere,,,,read,,,ed rosenthals,,,,,closet cultivator,,,,a excellent,,,,book on many subjects of indoor growing,,,,i will answer your question on co2,,,,i dont use it ,,,ky plants get co2,,when i talk dirty to them and breath all over them,,,now your question,,,,,,co2 can increase the growth rate by 300%,,although most gardens only see a increase of a 100%,,increased growth rate,,,you can grow at a higher than normal temperature,,,with a atmosphere enriched with co2,,,which will ultimatlly result in vigourous growth thruout all stages,,,yor ventilation system doesnt need to be on while your co2 is replinishing the room,,,,co2 is heavier than oxygen,,,so having it come out of the co2 line just above the canopy so it can float down over the plants,,,is preffered,,,,thats one thing a fan blowing lightly to immitate a breeze the plant would get in the wild,,,is it moves co2 along the fine hairs of the leaves,,,,you dont need co2 the last 2 weeks of the grow,,,,aint much growing going on and it will affect the aroma you nay desire,,,,plants use no co2 in the dark hours,,,,,see ya,,,,ed rosenthal is the man,,,,all this credit goes to him,,,,:smoking:
  3. Ed Rosenthal is the man.
    I have read one of his books. Mel Frank is also pretty good. First timer, I do not think that you are going to be able to do 16 plants with a 1000 watt light. Ten to maybe 13 plants would be more reasonable. As for CO2, I don't think that the money can justify the results which are at best arguable. Plus you open the door one time and there goes all your CO2. I think 4 four foot flouros would veg your plants just fine. It might be a little short on light if you have 10-12 plants but, frankly I don't feel like doing the math right now so, you can check that out @ about 50-75 watts per square foot rule of thumb.
  4. Thank you for the imput. I dont think the investment for CO2 would be worth it(especially this being my first grow and i know mistakes will happen)
    I was planning on tryiing some LST and maybe some topping. Has anyone grown white russian before that can tell me if its a good strain to top, i have read that some strains are better not topped at all. I would love to hear from someone with experience growing this strain.
    Thanks for the help, keep the advice comming please.

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