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help with some questions pls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bryan4444, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Hey guys just some questions i thought you guys could answer for me..

    whenever i smoke weed i always get super anxious and paranoid, so i was wondering..If i start smoking indica will i not have the anxiousness and paranoia? cause i dont want it i just want a nice body high and a calm mind so do u think smoking an indica would help?

    and does it have to be a pure indica strain? or indica dominant strain? cause if i smoke a strain thats maybe lets say 70 indica and 30 sativa then wont the 30% of the sativa get me those negative feelings like the anxiousness and paranoia?

    i have one more questions folks bear with me pls the question is..
    If i start smoking indica will there be any negative long term effects? like will i get confused or any weird things going on with my head? i just want to be sure cause i dont wanna start smoking indica and then after get all these bad negative long term effects..

    pls help me with my questions and thanks you so much for reading this if you did ;)
  2. the 30% sativa isnt making you paraniod. its your enviorment and state of mind. if you have it stuck in your mind that your allways going to get paraniod then you will. Sativa just doesnt give you couch lock and give you more of a cerebral high. If you want to be less anxious and paraniod you need to do w/e you can to feel comfortable once you are completly comfortable you will be good.

    and as for any long term effects of smoking indica they are the same as sativa as far as i know..i hope i helped
  3. What are the long term effects of smoking a sativa ?
  4. its not the weed you are smoking, its just your mindset.

    get comfortable, and only smoke if you are...its not like you would trip on shrooms if you were scared of getting caught, why do the same for weed?

  5. none.
  6. Yeah but I mean man if he's talking mad herb then maybe sativas might get wierd if you way overdo it,. Wow life is beautiful and for such a beautiful word beautiful can be tricky to sometimes.. Word

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