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  1. Hey guys im getting my soil today and mixing it all up. My beans should be arriving end of next week and my tent and equipment minus the lights and fans should be in beginning of next week. Lights and fans will be ordered next week and should be in the following week. Im hoping if i mix the soil now and let it sit till all is set up that it will be fine.

    Heres my idea on the soil. Im running all autos this run all in 5 gal grow bags start to finish in a 4x4 tent under leds.

    Heres the mix

    1 bag foxfarms ocean forest 1.5 cb ft
    1 bag foxfarms happy frog 2 cb ft
    1 5lb bag of worm castings ( if that isnt enough please let me know )
    3 8 qaurt bags of perlite

    My plan is to mix the frog and ocean separately and have the ocean on bottom of the pot with the frog on top and to use a cup to build a well of frog going into the ocean that way the seeds start out in the less aggressive and cooler frog then as they grow they hit the rich ocean on bottom.

    My plan is to mix the perlite evenly between the two soils and to mix the worm castings all into the frog.

    Is there anything else i should add to this for autos under led light?

    Is foxfarm soil better for a first grow then roots organic?

    Any advice is appreciated thank you.

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  2. Why use fox farms? Why not build a true organic soil? There are hundreds of posts on the topic. And don't be fooled. Happy frog is hot too. Just use the ocean forest and cut it down with some coco, sphagnum and or perlite. If your gonna pop the beans in the soil, just fill with the ocean forest, dig out hole size of a solo cup, and just use some good ol cheapo jiffy seed starter in that hole with your beans. By the time roots hit the actual ocean forest, you will be fine.
  3. Oh and also, Fox farms, roots organic and all that are still a far second as to building your own "water only soil" that you can use over and over and over. But if you like the store stuff, Fox farms and roots organics are pretty much equal when it's comes to their pros and cons. Either would suffice.
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. This is my first grow and i want to keep it somewhat simple lol. I have been reading a ton of threads on building my own soil and the next tent i put up (in a couple months i will be adding another) i will be making my own and im pretty good with that type of stuff so i think it will be the way i go from there on but for this first one im keeping it simple and going store soil.

    Im in the process of reading indoor outdoor medical the book as well as reading everything i can here on gc so by the time i set my next tent up i will be trying a lot more complicated stuff. Also the second tent will be more forgiven on my pockets if i mess it up where this first one i need to make it all the way lol.

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  5. I ran fox farms soil ocean forest with perlite on my last run, I didn't realize that it was " hot" soil, so I started the beans right in the mix in solo cups, these things took off like rocket ships, no burn, no slow growth, nothing, but I dug around a little and found out the strains I was running were heavy feeders and all around hardy,
    I hear a lot of people saying it alone will burn and or stunt new seedlings , I think nuker is correct, start it off in some cheapo organic starter mix, let it establish a bit then throw it right in
    I just got done mixing my own organic living soil, I used the clackamas coot recipe , went the lazy route and bought the kit off build a, so I only had to source aeration ( perlite) peat moss, good compost and earthworm castings, and it will be a pretty much water only mix after it cooks for a bit( I will still add act, sst, and top dress as needed) but I went through way to much$ with all them bottles of nutrients, grew some reall really good herb , but still , figure this organic build your own soil it the route for me to try now , good luck

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  6. Very impressive first grow :) im picking up the pro series epistar 160 for the first half of my first grow 4x4 apollo tent on its way. Im planning on adding a second epistar 160 before they start to flower gonna be nice!! Ive been watching loki gro with the epistar 320 and im impressed i think its going to be a good first grow for me..

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  7. Hell yeah, BB And Loki are killin it over there, that's what that video is in my SOG, Mars is giving away 5 of the 320 epistars, for the top 5 videos with the most likes, I'm in the top 3 your set up sounds pretty bad ass, when's it gonna be up and running, you gonna do a journal, and yep, the yeild and quality from that first indoor surpassed my expectations by FAR, I chalk that whole grow up to dumb luck, don't think I will get that lucky again in a 2x2 tent

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  8. Yeah im going to do a detailed journal mostly for the advice from the pros here but also for the fun lol. I should be up and running by the end of the month.. im hoping 2 weeks but i dont think i will have the first light in time for that so shooting for last week of the month.

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    And honestly for what it is worth, I have grown just as good smoke with cheapo kellogg patio plus as I have with Fox farms or roots organics. I know I will get some pretty insane responses saying that from the peeps riding fox farms nut sack, but seriously the patio plus from the Depot isn't half bad. And actually if I was going store bought ever again, I would take the kellogg route. (They removed the solidified waste 2 years ago.)
  10. Im going to check that out now thank you

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  11. Nah, I get what your saying, I used miracle grow for years way back in the day for outdoor runs, with absolutely stellar results, and wouldn't use it now just because I know a little more , my opinion is that ff, and all the other bottled nutrient companies are way over priced and great results can be had with Kellogg ( never heard of it) or any of the dozens of cheap products from the big stores or whatever, I recently made my own organic living soil to see what all the fuss is about, and although I had great results with fox farm , I have no illusion that I would have had similar results with any low end nutrient , npk

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  12. Id do 2happyfrog 1 ewc 1 ffof 1 perlight 2:1:1:1 ratio
  13. Thanks loki im going to pick it up now :)

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  14. Eeekkkk.. I would never use miracle grow!!! not 25 years ago when i started growing and not now. Nothing ever miracle grow. Not even their organics. Kellogg patio plus is a all organic soil. PH 6.5. It's actually pretty good stuff in a pinch. But I think it's a West coast product. Very very common here.
  15. If I had no soil cooked and needed 40 gal or so right away I'd go with Happy Frog every time.

    It's got almost no perlite in it, I mix 5 gal perlite to each 2 cu ft bag with great results. Plus you get 20 gal of soil out of one bag after it's mixed, which is pretty convenient.

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