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  1. Hey guys and gals, been trying to throw together my soil mix for this year but can hardly find any amendments.

    I have been looking for:
    Rock dust
    Neem cake
    Bat guano

    All i can find is blood and bone meal,perlite/veemiculite and today i bought a box of dolomite lime.

    My question is if i cannot find any of the listed amendments, would blood and bone meal, vermiculite/perlite and dolomite lime be enough to add in an organic promix to have a good soil? I was planning on using PRO-MIX BX MYCORRHIZAE.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Heres some pics of the seedlings.

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  2. Look for espoma products. Home depot and lowes carry them. Either their tomato tone or plant tone would be great to add to your soil. Especially if your unable to source certain amendments.

    Keep looking for kelp and alfalfa they really are fantastic soil amendments that you don't want to leave out if you can help it. Farm/feed stores are a good place to look for bulk amounts.
  3. Yea im going to try my local feed and farm in a day or two, hopfully they got everything i require
  4. Update. I found alfalfa feed at a pet store, boy does it smell bad. I also got a large bag of seaweed mixed with peat.

    So now i have alfalfa, kelp, and dolomite lime.

    Havnt been able to find guano or castings, or rock dust/phosphate or neem cake. what could be used as a replacement?

    I am thinking all else i can get is blood and bone meal unless i can use manure the same as guano or castings? Advice would be awesome

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