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  1. I'm sorry for posting such a newbie question but after reading several threads I still cant figure this out. If i wanted to make a mix with the least amount of ingredients what should I use? I was just thinking potting soil, peat, and dolmite lime. Also I'm using liquid ferts so there's no need for manures.
  2. You could just use pro-mix instead of potting soil.
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    There are good commercial soils with peat already mixed in. You shouldn't add lime unless the pH of the mix is too low or if you use a recipe that someone has already found to need the lime.

    If you plan to add all of your fertilizers manually, there are some good soils that should suit your needs without the need for additives. Technically, you can use pretty much any commercial soil mix if your feeding regimen contains everything your plants need; kinda like hydro. All you'd really need to do is find one with good drainage characteristics or set the drainage where you prefer with additives. Rocky substances like Perlite & Pumice increase drainage while spongy substances like Peat decrease it.

    Personally, I like Edna's Best organic soil. I'll add about 1/3 the volume in Worm Castings, two heaping cups of a high-Phosphorus fertilizer like Bone Meal or high-P Guano and a few extra cups of Perlite. Two cups of Kelp Meal can be added but I prefer to provide Maxicrop manually.
  4. [quote name='"jackstraw419"']You could just use pro-mix instead of potting soil.[/quote]

    I don't want to use any pre owned mixed soils. Still need my question answered though is just potting soil and peat ok for a soil mix.
  5. Just add some perilite, and your good to go.
  6. [quote name='"todderfran"']Just add some perilite, and your good to go.[/quote]

    Thank you, is 20% perlite 80% potting soil good.
  7. Yeah somewhere between 20-30% should work for ya.
  8. [quote name='"todderfran"']Yeah somewhere between 20-30% should work for ya.[/quote]

    Thanks todder now I can finally get my grow started.
  9. Bringing the thread back real quick. I have building sand could I use that instead of perlite. I'm trying to save as much money as I can here.

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