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  1. Recently my plants have been smelling so good but I don’t want them to smelling to my kids room. I am a medical patient. I was wondering in my indoor grow tent my exhaust fan can I tape a dryer sheet over it so when it blows out it smells good. Will that ruin my plant? Also I am getting a carbon filter but I have to wait until it ships. 2 week until it arrives. Help me until then!
  2. I've heard people saying something about putting activated charcoal in socks and hanging them in your tent!

    The dryer sheets shouldn't hurt your plants but the carbon filter is going to work wonders when it arrives lol
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  3. Ok so I should tape a dryer sheet over the exhaust fan? Active charcoal? Can I use like charcoal from bar b q? Thank you so much ! Being a single mom and having kids and hiding about it is hard. I just don’t want it to ruin my the buds. I’ve heard people stashed it in a dryer sheet and ruined the weed
  4. Need to exhaust the scent to the outside of the home or grow room and have the exhausted air running through a Activated Charcoal filter or filters ..
    Even then you still might be able to smell the weed .

    You can smell weed in flowering 100 feet in every direction of my home ...

    Isn't that great ….
  5. Even with a filter? I’ve read Carbon filters help hide the smell
  6. Tents and most grow room are not air tight ,
    Most activated charcoal filters cant remove 100 Percent of the scent of flowering MJ .
    It would have to be a very air controlled room plus then controlling the scent .
    Little harder then just buying a filter and calling good .

    It could take several things to prevent the scent of weed inside your home .
    Activated charcoal filters , ventilation systems .air purifier's .
    Air tight grow room.
    Air purifier's in your home ( not in the grow room .)
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  7. It's definitely almost impossible to get rid of the smell in the grow room but the building I have my grow room in does not smell whatsoever in the upstairs where we have a completely different business unrelated to cannabis. Not one person has said anything about an odor!

    However I completely vent it to the outside and the entire basement area where it is housed smells like gassy kush lmao

    But I love the smell of it everytime I go in!
  8. I was hoping to hold it in one room only I just don’t want it my neighbors to think I’m doing something bad I’m just a single mom trying to teach her kids later what cannabis is
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  9. Buy a filter. Phresh brand filters are awesome. My neighbor and friend is a cop. Hes over often for a beer and has no idea what's right there. Good quality fan and filter the correct size and set up properly is priceless when you need that security
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  10. How many plants do you have? What's the strain?? Are your neighbors extremely close?

    You should be fine unless you have 15-20 plants in full-on flower and the strains you're growing are extra stanky! Once you get a carbon filter your worries should definitely go down. I wouldn't worry about your neighbors smelling it at all if you're just a hobbyist
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  11. Thank you that sounds assuring
  12. I only have 4 plants and all GSC. I’m not doing anything illegal just growing my for myself medical use. It’s expensive at the dispensary. And my neighbors are somewhat close I can’t say for sure..
  13. Even 1 plant can stink up the whole house if it's a smelly strain. Growing weed smells way stronger then just having some weed in a bag in your house.

    Dryer sheets do not eliminate the smell. They just merely add the smell of dryer sheets to the smell of the weed. They have to be changed all the time too. If you want to be serious about smell control do not mess around with gimmicks. Be proactive.
  14. You will be fine containing it to you're own house!

    I'm the same as you! I'm in a legal state and the flower at the dispensary is expensive plus I love growing my own, it's such a rewarding hobby!

    I'm sure there is some info out there on strains that are less smelly than others and you could actively seek those out but I don't thinkll you'll need to worry once you get a good exhaust system. You're able to run it out of your house right? When I go up to where my exhaust leads out I can only smell it minimally when I put my nose right where the air is coming out lol No smell within a few feet of it at all.

    My mom works above my grow room everyday, literally right above it, and she has a strong sense of smell and never once has complained about it smelling in her office, and she hates the smell so she would definitely complain!
  15. Thanks for the reassurance I feel a lot better now after reading what you wrote! Thanks!! Hopefully my air filter comes in soon thans so so so much!
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