Help with sick plants? yellowing older leaves with a few brown spots on tips, redish petioles, yellow tips on new growth

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  1. Hello! I have a couple of month-old 303 Seeds Meltdown from seed that seem to be struggling. I'm thinking that they may be deficient. The genetics are (Bubblegum x Blueberry) x (Cannatonic x Afghan/Skunk)
    The older leaves are yellowing and drooping, the lower and middle petioles are reddish (progressively greener toward the top of the plant), the tips of the middle growth are clawing down a little bit and on the bigger leaves, the biggest tips are yellow and one has a brown spot. There is a little interveinal chlorosis. 
    I recently transplanted them from much smaller pots about a week ago and I alternate watering and feeding every three or four days. Growth has been explosive. They're in big pots of coco and perlite. The last time they  were fed, they were fed a pH 5.8 500ppm solution according to General Hydro's "early growth" recommendations for Flora Duo A+B. The coco I transplanted to was charged with the same solution before transplanting. I'm very careful about ppm's and pH's, and I only use R/O water so I am pretty sure this is a deficiency. 
    5ml cali magic (1:0:0)
    5ml liquid karma (0.1:0.1:0.5)
    2.5ml rapid start (1:0.5:1)
    5ml flora duo A (5:0:6)
    2.5ml flora Duo B (1:5:4)
    per gallon.
    I'm thinking that I need to switch to their late growth formula and switch to feed-feed-water, since clearly these things are getting big and hungry. The difference is an extra 2.5ml of Flora Duo A per gallon.
    Any Thoughts? 
    Here's a thing I saw some other posters fill out to help provide some info. 
    How long has this problem been going on? 
    Four Days
    Are you growing in a PVC grow tent?

    Gorilla Grow Tent
    What system are you running?

    Drain To Waste, 75% Coco, 25% Perlite
    What STRAIN are you growing?

    303 seeds meltdown
    What was the establishing technique? (Were the seed or clone?)

    Direct seed into rockwool
    What is the age of your plants?

    About one month
    How long have they been in there mixture they are in now?(coco,soiless etc..)

    About twenty days
    How tall are the plants?

    About ten inches
    What PHASE are the plants in? (seedling, vegetative or flower) are the plants in?

    Mid to Late Vegetative growth. No preflowers yet.
    What Technique are you using?

    Let them grow. Keep it simple on my first try. 
    What substrate/medium are you using?

    Cana Coco and Perlite
    What is the Water temperature?

    Room temp
    What color are your roots? White? Brown? Are your roots slimy?

    White, from what I can see peeking through the bottom of the pot
    What Nutrient's are you using?(If growing soiless)

    See Above
    How much of each nutrient are you using with how much water? *Knowing the brand is very helpful*

    See Above
    How often are you feeding? (If using soiless)
    Water-Feed-Water-Feed every three to four days
    What order are you mixing your nutrients? (example: veg nutes 1st, bloom 2nd ect)
    What is the TDS/EC/PPM you are using

    about 550ppm
    How often are you testing your pH/PPM/EC/TDS?

    Every time I mix nutrients
    Are you sure your calibration is correct on your equipment?
    Calibrated before every time I mix nutrients
    When was your last watering?
    Three days ago
    When was your last feeding change? (ie. grow-bloom-micro-additional)

    Two weeks ago
    What size bulb are you using?
    1000w Metal Halide at 50% on a dimmable ballast
    How old is the bulbs you are using?

    What is the distance to the canopy?

    about 18 inches
    What is your RH Factor(Relative Humidity)?

    What is the canopy temperature?

    What is the Day/Night Temp? (Include flucutaion range)

    What is the current Air Flow? (cfm etc.)
    Tell us about your ventilation, intake exhaust and when its running and not running ?

    six inch inline fan pulling filtered air from outside the tent, through large carbon filter, through air cooled light hood, out through attic. Fan on temp controller, never gets hotter than 81*
    Is the fan blowing directly at plants?
    Yes, oscilating on low, aimed above canopy
    What water are you using? Reverse Osmosis (RO)?
    Reverse Osmosis
    If using RO,Distilled,mineral water, what is the ppm/EC/TDS without any additives?
    less than 10ppm
    Are you using water from a water softener?
    Has plant been recently pruned, cloned off of or pinched

    Have any pest chemicals been used? If so, What and When?
    Are plant's infected with pest's
    No. Grow show is kept spotless. 


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