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help with shroom hunting in middle tennessee

Discussion in 'General' started by foxbodystang, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. ok so we havent had a freeze her in a few weeks so i was thinking tht some shrooms may have popped up in my area.
    do u think i would be wasting my time if i go hunting them or would i actually find something
  2. You might find something poisonous. I wouldn't fuck with anything I found without getting a professional mycologist to look them over first. Using pictures on the Internet as a field guide doesn't work
  3. finding magic mushrooms in the wild is rare. they mostly grow throughout man made institutions. fields, aldar woodchip beds, cow fields, etc. your best bet is looking in a cow field a couple days after it rains, look for mushrooms growing out of the cow poo (yes, that is cow SHIT), pick them above the base, not all them though .leave a few to spore out. youllwant to find somebody whom is educated with magic mushrooms, knows what to look for a knows a loook alike from a real one. dont eat anything you find until you have a 100% pisitive id on the mushroom. if you do it could be your worst/last experience in life.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. no copy and paste, just been shroom huntin for a year :eek: :rolleyes:
  6. nah man its all in good fashion.:D
  7. Unless you've been shown in detail in person by someone who knows what they are doing you are just as likely to pick something that will kill you.

    This should have been posted in Pandora's Box.
  8. You need to buy a mushroom identifying book before you do anything.

    Scavenging is extremely dangerous for mushrooms, and the North American Continent has many poisonous mushrooms that grow naturally.

    In tennessee, you probably have one of the best chances to finding mushrooms in the United States.
    Look on farms or rural areas for cow dung or horse dung, especially after it rains, the fungus will grow around or on the dung.

    Remember! Buy a book before you do ANYTHING.
  9. PM me if you are looking for shrooms and have a connect on some name brand dank. I can get gold caps all day.
  10. I'm coming back home to Tennessee for a visit I think I'll look around being that my home town is directly on the Tennessee / Alabama state line in a valley full of pastures I wish I had known what to look for sooner. Hmmmm..
  11. spore prints.

  12. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdCUpiI1MSA[/ame]
  13. Git n a feld wi cow sheit n serch dem peys
  14. Holy shit I had no idea they were in my back yard like that lol.

    It rained a lot this past week and today so maybe start flipping shit next week?
  15. I feel like once an old thread gets bumped the subsequent posts never make sense haha.

  16. Yeah, and then the thread gets deleted....don't bump 4yo threads...:rolleyes:
  17. Hey mods. Can necrobumping please be a bannable offence? Even if just for a day or something.
  18. Lol...I miss when you could ask shit like that on this website...
  19. I need to go hunting for them it's spring time in Florida & it's always hot af like 80-90 degrees daily. On top of that spring time equals rain time. Rain + humidity + hot weather = shrooms.

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