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  1. So i recently attempted to grow a single plant from bagseed, but unfortunately it fell victim to overwatering. With that being said, i think im going to buy a clone for my next attempt, but im really confused as to what i should buy as far as lights, ballasts, etc

    Since its technically still my first grow, im trying to stay on a budget so ive taken to using CFLs. I currently have 4 60W/13w equiv. they are natural daylight, 5000K, 800 lumens. Would these bulbs be sufficent in growing from start to finish and if so how many would you reccomend?

    Im thinking im going to buy Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil, some type of reflector for the CFLS, and a stronger CFL bulb, perhaps 100w or so since i dont have anything more than this regular old table lamp. For a first time, single plant grow, is this going to be enough to hold me down until i need to buy nutes?

    Also on my local craigslist there is a guy selling 6" reflector, bulb and ballast, but the light is 1000w HPS, too strong for one plant?

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  2. Apollo horticulture has great HIDs and they're only about $120-130 (includes ballast, reflector, timer, adjustable hangers, 1 MH bulb, 1 HPS bulb)
    They're also dimmable, so if you got a 400w you could dim it down to 300w or 200w if you need to.

    1000 watts for one plant is overkill.
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  3. You'll need a big fucking dog later, when the neighbor kids start to smell it.
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  4. So then a ballast is absolutely necessary? Im not able to order anything online, plus i prefer being able to actually see and compare in person. As a first timer im really not trying to buy anything i dont truly understand, which is why im trying to stick with basic cfls and such

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  5. Here are the reflectors i want to look at, suitable for one plant? [​IMG][​IMG]

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  6. For HID, yeah. (Could think of it like a power brick for Xbox or whatever). Also, you would need to buy bulb(s) for it as the quality of light they produce degrades with use.

    But anyways, of the 2 you listed I'd personally go with the second one, I think the first one would trap more heat under it.

    Btw, depending on the size of the pot, FFOF has plenty of nutes for 3-4 weeks.
  7. Thanks, i was personally leaning towards that one also. So with the FFOF i was thinking of getting the FF Open Sesame for nutes? as big bloom, etc is a little pricey for me

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  8. 1000w is not over kill for one plant, but its very unnecessary. Get the 1000w if you plan on upgrading, if you plan on keeping it small a 400w will work fine. You can get brand new 400w systems for cheap online.

    I never reccomend cfls for anything but seedlings. Except slow growth and small buds with cfls.
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  9. All for personal use so anything is ok with me, and i plan on just keeping it at one plant until im fully able to grow it, then move to 2

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  10. I've never used it, I use big bloom/grow big/tiger bloom.
    You've got plenty of time to get nutes, I'd first get cal/mag, then veg nutes, then bloom nutes.
  11. Good to know. I think i have a general idea of what i want to do now. I appreciate your help! With my very first try i jumped into it because i germinated my seeds without any kind of equipment. It was kind of like an experiment to see if i had viable seeds and i was just totally unprepared.

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  12. Not if the plant fills a whole 4x4 canopy
  13. Just need a 4x4 tent a 6inch carbon filter and a 6inch 390+ cfm fan
  14. Get some ph liquid drops. And a 400w hps, you wont regret it.
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    Would that be enough to hold the plant over the whole way or would i need to add more lights? And would i need a ballast?

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  16. 1, 400w hps grow light and ballast will work great for what you want.
  17. Go with atleast 600
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    All of that is sort of out of my budget right now haha i may just stick with a few CFLs and save up to get the HPS and ballast. But to be clear, i CAN use CFLs the whole way?

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  19. You can use cfls but for a minimal upgrade the results will far surpass anything those cfls can produce. If you're in Canada go to cheapest kits I've found.

    I'm currently using the 600w air cooled hood set and I'm loving it. Just be sure to check the bulbs they send you if you do order, they sent me 400w bulbs and using those on a 600w ballast is dangerous for fires.


    First grow using cfls.

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