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  1. i have a big bud and a big bud x northern light in week six under a 400 watt hps light.

    the big bud is 23 inches tall but the big bud x northern light is much taller at 28 inches. they were planted at the same time.

    does this mean the big bud cross is a male or is it a difference in the strain? is it too early or late or the right time to identify their sex and how do i do that? If the cross is a male do i have to kill it?

    Thanks in advance

  2. The difference in size doesn't indicate sex.

    As for sexing the plants, do a search. This is a very common question and has been thoroughly covered. If, after reading previous posts about sexing, you still have a question, ask for clarification.

    If your cross is a male and you don't want to grow for seeds, kill it.
  3. X2 :smoking:
  4. True that males often grow bigger/faster than females of the exact same strain, but not always and certainly not a basis of comparison across strains. And even with all this true, size might be a hint at sex but is not an indicator per se.
  5. Thanks so much for the help.

    I now know i have two male plants. How bummed should i be about this? What can i do with the harvest.
  6. You could try to make hash or cannabutter, though I don't think it would be worth the effort.
  7. that sucks start over an try again
  8. this is a sad sad day :(.

    thanks for the help all

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