Help with setup rdwc about to drill my head

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  1. I am re modding my wilma system.
    Normalyi drop my net pots in the top.
    But i wana mod it up remove airstones and recirculate. To eli. Inate roots gettin in the pump thisnis my idea...

    And fed via 4500lph spray bar around all system.

    Do you think the location of my tank connectors 60mm piping will be good and not have any flow problems or dead areas?

    I hope that 60mm wont block and will allow gravity to drain as i eil be jetting water allover evenly the mix should be even too right?

    Im about to drill please tell me grasscitys alive i posted on 5 forums and no replys lol so i hope some hydro farmers chime in and help lol

  2. You aerate the reservoir tank.
    The addition of a chiller inline will make a world of difference.
    Using 60mm (2 inch) lines, you don't need that many go-in-sas and go-out-sas.

    I use 2" and only have one in and one out per tank.
    I doubt your spray pump can overwhelm what a 2" pipe can handle.
  3. Any pics? Wbat size tsnk u in or u all seperate tanks?
  4. Check out the link to my rig.

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