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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by electricfire11, May 21, 2008.

  1. I am growing out of a stealth growing box (an old stereo speaker) and was thinking of using auto flowering femenized seeds, first of all, do you guys have any recommendations? I am thinking classic strains like White Widow, Crystal, Northern Lights, anything good really. What do you think would work best for my situation given the lack of growing space.

    As a side note: The box is 65 cm tall and the base is 36* 28 cm, I have two of these Stealth Boxes available, and was thinking of producing one plant in each of the housing units, is this a tangible effort? I am looking at only producing enough buds for my personal stash, so I figure if I could get two plants worth of buds per grow period it would hold me over. Is this logical? Recommendations?

    Secondly, if you think this is a working plan, I would appreciate you two inspect my set-up

    The speaker box was cleaned out heavily first, removing the tweeters and all remaining speakers; after that, I cleaned the inside heavily and painted it white with two coats. After the paint dried fully, I covered the innards of the box with tin foil (the shiny side up), covering as much space as I possibly could. After set, I set up a 46 CFM computer fan on one of the tweeter holes to get air rotation. The mesh front of the speaker is detachable and I covered the inside of it with foil again for reflectivity. I have also purchased a light timer for my box, as well as a power strip and a power source for the fan. The only thing remaining is the type of light bulb to use. I've been looking into HPS bulbs, but don't want to have to purchase an extra ballast just to get the HPS quality. What wattage and type of lights would you guys recommend for my specific growing condition?

    (Light management is not so much an issue given the grow space)

    Thanks for any responses,

  2. Im pretty new to growing as well im on my 2 grow. So you could wait for a real time pro here but my thinking mantality is telling me if you use hps in a speaker box its going to get way to hot. and if your only growing 2 plants 1 in each box... You got a 50-50 here that your only gonna get one female.. and even a chance to get both males. My last grow was 3 plants and also 3 males. didnt even get a female.. So maybe you should think about growing 3 plants in a closet or somthing with some cfl's and sex them early and then put them in the speaker box when you know what you got?
  3. How long would it take for me to plant 4 plants and wait long enough to determine the sex of them?

    I have a closet available for growing, but would care to keep it stealthy, any other recommendations?

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