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Help with Senior Project.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TalkativePirate, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. I am going to be doing shadowing at a hospital/Substance Abuse Clinic and I need 20 questions to ask about Medical Marijuana. I'll start!

    1. What is your stance on Medical Marijuana?
  2. This is kind of generic, as you don't tell us who the questions should be geared to, but I'll try....

    -Are there alternative methods to using medicinal marijuana other than smoking (combustion)?

    -What, if any, are the risks involved in carrying my medicinal marijuana around with me?

    -Does the strain of medicinal marijuana matter when it comes to dealing with specific medical issues?

    I can probably help you do your homework a little more if you let me know who the questions are directed towards.
  3. I will most likely be talking to someone that works at a Substance Abuse Clinic. I am expecting to get very biased answers. I just want to ask general questions, such as their opinion about it and things of that nature.
  4. "Do you believe that consistent use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is more, or less, harmful to your body than consistent use of pain medicines in pill form?"

    "Do you believe that marijuana usage is physically addicting?"

    "What is the most positive aspect you can think of when it comes to using marijuana over other traditional methods of healing? What is the most negative?"

    "Do you think the use of medicinal marijuana should come with age restrictions? Why?"

    Hope those help!
  5. Thanks for all the help, I have nine questions now.:smoke: :hello:Does anyone else want to try to help?
  6. I'll post all of my questions once I get them done, I have three left right now.
  7. Have YOU ever smoked marijuana?

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