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  1. I started my first grow a little over a week ago. I'm using fox farm ocean forest mix in 2 gal grow bags. The lighting is 400w MH in a 2x4 hydrohut. I have a 265cfm fan exhausting the hut. I just added a little clip on fan yesterday to blow on the plants.

    So They aren't doing that well and I'm trying to pin point the problem. I watered them 3 or 4 days ago I think; but I think I overwatered them because they started drooping and the first leaves started turning yellow at the tips, dried out and turned brown. So I haven't watered them since. But I'm thinking they could also be heat stressed since the temps were in 90s-low 100s till I added the small fan. Now its at 85. But then I was wondering if they be nute burned from the soil? One of the tips of second leaves looks a tiny bit brown and a couple others look a tint of yellow. I read that some people have had problems with ffof. I did order a bag of light warrior yesterday; it will probably be here the middle of next week.

    I just planted some germinated white widow seeds so I want to make sure that my other seedlings are overwatered/heat stressed because I don't want nute burned white widow haha.

    So should I plan on transplanting all of them when the light warrior gets here? Or they will be fine now that the temps are reasonable and they aren't drowning? If they are indeed nute burned is it something they can put up with till they get bigger?

    If I do need to transplant them what can I do to minimize the damage till the soil gets here?

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. yea dude fox farm has been burning the crap out of my seedlings, ive since switched to half ocean forest half coco and the plants seem to be healthier, but man the ones i left in the ocean forest are stunted like crazy...ive got strawberry cough at over a month veg and still only about 4 inches tall.
  3. I'm not too familar with fox farm soil products but it might have ferts in it already. Plants don't really NEED ferts till like the 3rd node i think. They may be too young to transplant but if you can, move them into a soil that has NO ferts in it like MG organic or something, Just read the bag. Hope that helps!
  4. I'm guessing it's the ocean forest. I usally mix 2/3 of light warrior and 1/3 of ocean forest, and never had problems.

    Try using mostly light warrior and you should be good. The transplant will help a lot. Just be careful and crumble away the soil softly. Rinse with good water that's not cold. I just fill a cup up and dip the roots in there instead of rinsing through a stream of water.
  5. I grew my seedlings in regular non-fertilized walmart soil until they were to their 3rd set of leaves and then transplanted them into Fox Farm Ocean Forest and now 5 weeks later all 8 are about 3 ft tall and look healthier than I have ever seen before. I LOVE Fox Farm Ocean Forest but like everyone says, they might not be the best for seedlings. Good luck bro.:D:smoke:
  6. Thanks for your replies guys :) I'm hoping the light warrior will be here the middle of this coming week. Until then what can I do to minimize the damage the the ffof is causing? Would it be better if I held off on watering? I guess when it gets here I'll transplant them all; I hope it doesn't tramatize them too much. I'm disappointed because I want happy healthy plants not yellow stunted ones haha.

    p.s. I'm a girl :)
  7. Well in that case.....Hey baby, wanna wrestle????????:D:cool:
  8. hehe you think you can take me DJ? Bring it on! :D
  9. Hey I transplanted my seedlings to a mix of light warrior and ffof. I added an additional fan to blow across the plants as well. None of them survived the transplant. I planted a bunch of white widow seeds and now these seedlings are starting to show the same problem. The first set of leaves drooped and the tips of them are curling and turning crinklely and brown. I don't know what to do. What can I do to stop the leaves from dying?
  10. Today the tips of the leaves are still curling up and turning brown. The second leaves that coming in are yellow in the center...I guess the spine of the leaf you could call it. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  11. Here are a couple pics I just took with my cell. The first set of leaves turn yellow at the tips and then start browning and curling under. The second set have yellow spines.

    edit: if it helps I can take more pics..I have 7 seedlings I'm trying to save here

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  12. Anyone know whats wrong with them? I don't want my seedlings to die :(
  13. so i take it you're using the light warrior/ ffof mix with the white widow seedlings too?

    personally i've never used ffof so i can't vouch for its effectiveness, but pretty much i think they should be doing ok

    if anything i think you're roasting them with that 400w MH in a 2x4 space like you said the first batch of seedlings had to deal with 95+ degree heat until you added the fan so i'm guessing the heat inside isnt a problem for the WW, HOWEVER i do for some reason have a gut feeling that the 400 watter is alittle overwhelming for the young sprouts

    how far away you have the light anyways?

    i always tend to veg for a week or two under a cfl array and then switch to an hid (sometimes) when i do my first transplant

    maybe this would work, maybe not.... because it doesnt seem like you're doing anything else wrong.

    just my two small coins :smoke:
  14. I also use a none fertilized black top soil from walmart for my seedlings.

    I also add perlite, vermiculite and bonemeal.

    I wont start fertilizing until the 4th or 5th node.......

  15. The light is hanging 2 feet above the plants. I don't really think that's the problem. Temperatures are dropping as winter's coming so it hasn't been getting as hot in there. I have 2 fans blowing on the plants and a 265cfm blower exhausting. They look just as bad today...hopefully they won't get worse.
  16. well 2 feet is a good average height for a 400w hps, and i suspect that the temperature isnt the problem....

    however if you're doing what you mentioned then i don't see any reason the seedlings would be so stressed other than the simple fact that sometimes the light output from HIDs can be a bit much for such small plants, EVEN if the temperature is kepts well under control

    in essence, a 400watt hps can freak seedlings out, simply because of the massive amounts of lumens being pumped out of that bad larry ;)

    --also im curious of your light cycle for now (sorry if you mentioned it earlier and i didnt catch it on my first read-thru) if it is in fact 24-0 might i suggest cutting back to 18-6 or something of that nature might mke things alittle better.

    something to think about
  17. any update? hope they've been doing better.... if they can stick it out im sure once they're about 2-3 weeks old they can tackle most obstacles which can give you 1 to 3 days to fix whatever it is that you're doing wrong
  18. I don't know guys...I can't seem to keep seedlings alive. They all died again. I have three I'm trying to grow right now..2 bagseed and one top44 but they are having the same problem. I've been watering with ph adjusted tap water so I'm thinking maybe using bottled water instead would help. I was also thinking about flushing the soil since I tried treating the last round of seedlings with epsom salt. What do you think is wrong?

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  19. i feel your pain:( before my current grow got off to a good start, i killed a bunch of strawberry cough and hashberry lol. i ended up fixing the problem by just starting new seeds in miracle grow organic and they took off pretty quickly. once they are about 4-5" tall i transplant into ffof and they loove it. also my humidity was wayyy low and that couldn't have been good.

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