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  1. Hey guys I would really appreciate some advice, this is our first grow and I am worried about our seedlings. The seeds germinated for 2 days and have been under light for 2 days. The leaves on some of the seedlings are curling down I have some pictures please have a look. I just want some advice if we're doing something wrong I know they have stretched and I'm going to tackle that when I repot, there are also roots already coming from the bottom of the Jiffy pellet so I'm sure when I should repot cheers

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  2. when I used jiffy pellets I would put in dirt as soon as i saw roots and start feeding lightly
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    I find myself turning my baby seedlings about 2-3 times per day, as they tend to lean towards the light. If I haven't turned them in a while, the lean will cause them to look droopy.

    I've also read somewhere that the humidity dome should be removed as soon as the seed has sprouted. However, if you plan on growing in coco you might need the extra moisture so I'm not sure.

    As far as I know the domes are geared more towards clones which need extra moisture (as they have no root system yet, but would be working much harder than a freshly sprouted seedling).
  4. Hi mate so do you think this is why the leaves are doing what they're doing? Also going to be using coco coir with Advanced Nutrients Ph Perfect Sensi Coco Grow was told to use 1m per litre from each so should I report now, also the light is a roldero 600w at about 14inch above seedlings
  5. I grow in coco and use CANNA nutes - but the light is probably ok - and like the man above stated they do need to be turned - and I dont use a humidity dome at all
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  6. I have actually switched to a DIY hydro cloner now and make runs of mother plants I started third week in the cloner
  7. The sprouts cotyledons do that sometime's , no biggie. But you really need to plant them into some soil or what ever medium your useing asap...

    Plant them up to the cotyledons, or your gonna lose out on your over all root mass. To much stalk is not ok:)
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  8. Cheers so will repot now and remove dome also will plant upto the coteledons
  9. Planted hope this will sort them fingers crossed

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  10. Plant a d burry those stems in some good soil or Coco with lots of PERLITE added. Mykos scoop for ur roots when u plant thank me later

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