Help with RP OG Kush or BB chesse dwc grow.

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    Hello Everyone

    I have been lurking and reading for a long time now and I would like to say what a hell of a community. Hello from the good ole south,

    I will start off with letting you guys know that I have been growing since 1989 off and on with only 5 indoor grows. I am setting up my new grow in the next few weeks, I am dealing with a small space, but I have not spared any exspense or cut corners on the equipment that I will be using. I will be running Two 600 watt MH/HPS in a 4x4x7 Sunhut silver (actual inside measurements are (54x54x84) both light will be air cooled with a 6" 435 CFM Centrifugal Inline Fan. I will also have a 6" 435 CFM Centrifugal Inline Fan pulling through a 6" Carbonaire Carbon Filter. I will be grow 4 to 8 plants LST in 5gal DWC's, useing GH FloraMicro & GH FloraBloom (LUCAS FORMULA) for nutrient.

    Now here is the problem yield and quality is very important so here I am torn by what seeds to use. I have 5 BIG BUDDAH CHEESE FEMINIZED ,12 Reserve Privada Feminized OG Kush, 1 Dinafem cali hash plant fems,1 Dinafem power kush fems, 1 Dinafem moby dick fems, 1 Dinafem Blue Widow fems, last but not least 10 Nirvana AK48, 10 Nirvana White Widow and 10 Nirvana Papaya.

    So Please HELP me make the right choice, and any comments and advice would be greatly accepted. Thanks

    Also I would like to know how many plants should I use in this small space to get Max yeild 4 ,6 or 8 ????????????????????

    Beans where supplied by the 2 seed banks below, it took 6 days from the time I placed the order to the east cost of the US. Great service from both company.

    attitude seeds
  2. Well, I'm no expert on hydro (the Advanced Growing area will probably be better to get help on hydro), but I can tell you that so far I am pleased with at least one of the strains in your title...

    You can go here -----> Reserva's OG Kush to see the OG's I have going right now.

    I can tell you that so far they have been very easy to work with, but a training method (LSTing, supercropping, etc.) is certainly necessary if yield is a big concern for you. Hope that helps and let me know if you're wondering on some specifics about the strain. Good luck with the grow...

    Peace and :smoke:
  3. Leao I will be following your thread and it looks like you will be in your 5th or 6th week of flowering when my beans pop. Thanks for taking the time and responding to my thread. Take care.
  4. Nice set up!
    You have good taste in seeds, My choice, no surprise is the White Widow, 2nd choice would be the OG kush or Buddah Cheese.

    Good luck, I'm subscribed, +reps

  5. No problem. Just here to help however I can :smoke:

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