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  1. I think my plants are root bound I may be worrying about nothing so I need to know what the actual symptoms are can someone please help me out ?
  2. Big plant small pot main symptoms
  3. plant will curl inwards,you will know that there is something wrong,roots through bottom
    google images.
  4. The plant will start to droop whether wet or dry and the leaves will look gently rolled under from my experience
  5. Let's see a pic of the plant and container please, how old is the plant? What size container is it in?
  6. plant around 65 day in 20 liter pot

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  7. Don't look root bound from the pic, nice and healthy looking, leaves pointed upwards near buds, you're grand
  8. here's a picture of the roots just to be sure lol

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  9. I joking, you be grand nice healthy root system there, full pot
  10. Had me worried then haha any idea what could cause yellowing tips on sugar leaves I was thinking to much nutrients cannot get it to show on camera because it's so faint
  11. Probably the nutes alright, I wouldn't worry looks like you're in for nice little harvest there

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