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  1. Hello everyone! this is my first post :hello:I was looking for a really nice first bong and want it to be a RooR. i think i want to get an "Icemaster" but not really sure. my spending limit for the bong is around $300, but not over $400. If you guys could help me pick a nice bong that would be great! i will also be getting an ash catcher shortly after so i also appreciate recomendations for that too.

    oh yeah the website i was looking at was: ( if you know a better website please tell)
  2. Google US Tubes and you'll change your mind. It's against rules to offer competitive sites still I think so your best bet is to Google brand names and go from there. With that budget you have lots of quality options.
  3. I think I still like the roor glass better. Any more help anyone?
  4. if you're in the states there's a few sites with wayyyyy better options, and a better bang for your buck.
  5. Do you want a functional piece or a shelf-Queen roor? For that price you can start getting into true scientific glass with real diffusion. IMO, Roor makes great quality stuff, but the price tag is completely unwarranted
  6. I have a vortex scientific water pipe. Glass on glass, removable diffused frosted glass downstem, ice catch.

    I won it at a local smoke shop but i think it retails for under $150.
    My point being... Focus more on the individual piece then the brand
    I also like to buy local when possible

    But for $300ish you could get a pretty sick one of a kind hand blown water pipe.
  7. If you really like roor get one. It will last a lifetime and a half. If you get it from this site it's 100 percent real and a German one. US tubes were priced at what 400 for months until a certain other shops lowered all their US tubes prices to 240. I love that the blower sighs each peice in glass, not in gay, barly can see Ti pen.
  8. that one looks really nice. how much did you pay?

  9. Was priced at 450 plus tax at the lhs but I negotiated a bit. Where are you located ? This is my 4th roor and I'm actually thinking about moving it cause I have so many. Pm me if interested.

  10. Thanks. My lhs is an authorized roor dealer so I'm pretty lucky to have access to real roor.
  11. I should have used a better adjective, i meant it is a beautiful piece.
    Didn't mean to bring up its authenticity. I trust that its the real deal:)
  12. Does anyone own a roor?

  13. I had two. I still have my 14 inch orange label beaker. I have a x cut roor tech downstem that is very sweet. I had a 14 inch red label straight that I sold for a little profit. Both are made so very well, and I love the fact the blower sighs it. You can for sure get something that hits way better for the money, but the construction is amazing.
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    I have a 7mm too. For around the same price you can get a few custom details or a reduction on a 5mm icemaster or a 18' little sister/big brother.
    Choice over I'd still go the 55cm straight but probably would go with for a 5mm with some custom colour rather than 7mm.

  15. Yes i have 2 a 250 mil rasta lable, and a500 mil red lable.
    The 250 mil i droped about two feet onto my glass microwave tray and its perfectly fine.
    Had them about two years now. Grate pieces

  16. i have a 14in red label which has takin many bumps and hard put downs by careless friends but you can always get a lava rubber mat (lhs gave me one as gift) and i had a white label before this one that kind of survived a 5ft drop (joint broke off)

    i use a medicali showerhead ashcatcher that i got for 80 bucks new at my lhs which was cheaper than on many online shops.

    it doesnt hurt to go around to your lhs and see what products and prices they have to offer maybe theyll be able to cut you a deal!

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