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  1. So i have a 10x10x10 room. ive grown outdoor but never indoor. i was thinking 2 1000 watt lights. i would also like to vedge longer to since i have 10ft of height. how long would that be recommended?
  2. Go with good LEDs, you won't regret it.
  3. [quote name='"bartolomeo"']Go with good LEDs, you won't regret it.[/quote]

    Not good advice. You would definitely regret it.

    If you wanted to fill the whole area then you'd want a minimum of four 1000w lamps. One for each 5x5. To best utilize your vertical space I would mount the bulbs vertically.

    Personally, I think a better approach would be to use a 4x8x7 tent with two 1000w systems. This provides light security and helps manage the heat in and out of the growing space. Your choice though. If the room is light tight and has adequate ventilation/cooling then four 1000w is a step in the right direction for a big harvest (do it right and I am talking about 5+ lbs).

  4. ya definitely not using leds. i already have another room that is 12x12 that i will eventually use for vege stage, i basically got handed an old grow set up with no gear. ive never heard of/seen vertical mounted lights. could you elaborate? benefits? seems like they would all just grow sideways and not straight up. im starting out with 2 1000w lamps and will eventually move up from there.

  5. Bad advice, straight up.

    Gumby as for vegging it depends on the genetics, if its pure sativa it can grow 3 or even 4 times its size when put into flowering (so you would want 2.5ft before flipping, maybe 3ft) some indicas don't stretch at all really when flipped into flowering so its really dependant on your strain.

    Heres a rough guideline for stretching

    Indica 12 inches
    Indica/Sativa 24 inches
    Sativa 36 inches

    For growing indoors you definitely want to FIM the everliving shit out of your plants with that type of hight (im jelly of it) and some LST to space branching out and tie down your main bud sites to allow others to catch up for a nice even canopy.

    How many plants do you want to do?
  6. im looking to do about 14 under the 2 1000w. i plan on only growing indica dominant, most likely a bubba or og. i also plan on topping and supercropping which ive done before and am familiar with. that sound about right for 2 1000s?
  7. i'd cut the number to 6 per light (even number) and just veg abit more. With that height you have you can grow them bigger. but heres a rule of thumb for ya. 50w Per SQF of grow area, so with 2000w you could light a 4.5ftx9ft at 49w per SQF. amount of plants depends on how you want to grow them. i'd personally do 4-6 plants on one side and SCROG and 4 on the other and LST/FIM/SC and do a side by side comparison for yourself to see what yields the most for your application. with 10ft of height you could grow some bigguns. can you post some pics of the room?

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