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  1. Ok so I have to do a short presentation for my government class on any subject I would like to involving american politics so obviously I am going to do Ron Paul :cool:

    I really want to convince my professor that he's the only guy that makes sense and he's a registered democrat (although he's pretty moderate) so what should I do for my main talking points? Its only gonna be about 5-6 slides long, with an issue on each slide.

    Should I go into any specific details on like foreign policy, economics, or personal freedoms/liberties? Or should I just explain his philosophy and what role the government should play on each issue?

    I think to convince him I would have to go into detail about current events, like how he would cut 1 trillion his first year and what not.

    Any ideas/advice/anything at all is greatly appreciated! + rep will be given!

    Peace :smoke:
  2. I would make the case that Ron Paul is the only candidate who represents a difference in philosophy. The modern Democratic and Republican party are identical in regards to welfare (both corporate and individual), bailouts, fiat currency, Federal Reserve, deficit spending and money printing, aggressive wars, heavy taxation and regulation, disregard for the Constitution, and big government.

    Ron Paul is the opposite of all of that. So in reality there are only two choices in this election, Ron Paul or anyone else.

  3. All good suggestions man, thank you. Unfortunately I must spread the love before I can rep you again :eek:
  4. Don't worry I don't care about rep points.:smoke: Helping with a Ron Paul project is reward in itself.

    Another suggestion is to pick up Ron Paul's Liberty Defined. You can just flip to the section about any of the 50 issues covered and get a great, quick overview of whatever you want. It's a great book.
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    I have a play list on my youtube channel with some excellent RP clips.

    Maybe they will help with some ideas.

    maximumrule - YouTube

    Elect RP and things will change.

    Elect anyone else and nothing will change. ;)


  6. haha I will blow some minds if I go down that path...although I don't want him stopping me in the middle and calling me a conspiracy theorist and discredit paul for no other reason besides him saying what he does because honestly I could see him possibly doing that lmao

    Thanks though! I will check out some other stuff on your channel...+ rep
  7. I will say this leftist Professors are DICKS! They will not allow you to have a different opinion. I am a political science major and I have suffered majorly grade wise because of papers I have written expressing Libertarian views. I lost a fucking scholarship because my professor a devout communist/Stalinst gave me a C over a paper the Dean said should have received an A! But because it was his class the Dean refused to get involved. I of course transferred out of the college as soon as possible. I have been straight up told by an Obama lover that he marked me down a letter grade for unfair criticism of the President. This was after the guy talked about how Bush should have been charged with war crimes and I agreed with him in the paper and took it a step further saying that Obama should also be charged with war crimes.
    After two years of trying to fight the system I now always write from a liberal perspective in my papers and my grades have gone up considerably. Just be careful and know that their could be consequences.

  8. Yea I've heard a lot about guys like this. Luckily, mine is fairly moderate even though he's a democrat. It's definitely noticeable that he tries to make an effort to keep his opinions out of the spot light of the class...
  9. If you have 5-10 minutes I would go with an approach/theme/title of: Current, Clouded Path versus Prospective, Progressive Path **If it were me, I wouldn't even have Ron Paul mentioned on the Title page (it sounds dumb, but there are a lot of predisposed, generalized feelings that your audience will instantly think of the minute they see that you are pro- Ron Paul)

    Intro (something a long the lines of):

    In 2008, our country saw a political movement like none other. Go ahead and don't be afraid to build up/ instill some of those positive emotions that your teacher and other people had felt pre-2008 Campaign about pro-Obama and "Hope" and "Change".

    The next 10-20% of your time, I would look at our current President and his main campaign promises.

    Research and report on 3-4 main issues that you are passionate about, knowledgeable on, and can be used to get at the fact that Obama's promise of change was simply a false promise. Still since you are towards the beginning of your presentation, I would still use the hopeful, positive perspective of (2007-2008) mindset.
    (i.e. "I promise you this, the first day I'm in office, I will bring the troops home, you can take that to the bank"...)

    So after you have your 3-4 main issues, you've introduced this positive/hopeful mindset, and so far have only touched basis regarding Obama. The next 10-20% of your time will be the "Realization/White Elephant in the room" aspect...
    (i.e. these 3-4 things were promised, but let's have his actions do the talking instead of his campaign words... where are we currently headed in regards to those issues...!?!)

    At this point, you've summarized 3-4 main/important issues, you've shown why they are important, and you've shown that Obama thought they were important enough to campaign on himself... yet he has gone the opposite directions. ~ Your audience will be attentive by this point, hopefully impassioned, and hanging on your every word...~

    Then you introduce Ron Paul, not by his name, but you have your next powerpoint slide solely geared towards specific legislation or memos that RP is affiliated with over his 30 year political career. (again dealing with the same 3-4 issues that you focused on with Obama intro) This slide is something tangible that your teacher or audience could look up themselves and see that RP speaks through his voting record, and not through a rhetorician's mouthpiece.

    Then you would show all of the lovable RP pictures towards the end, when you are summarizing more about your pro-Ron Paul spiel. Obviously the majority of your presentation will be your pro-Ron Paul spiel, but I'm sure you will do fine on that portion of it.


  10. Wow now that is some great help right there! I'm not sure rep is enough to pay you back for your efforts! Thanks a lot :D

    + rep of course.

    Im gonna start the project tomorrow I think, but I thought it would be a good idea to brainstorm/gather some ideas in advance.
  11. Yeah man, no problem.

    You have to appeal to your audience. Nobody likes someone on a pulpit preaching to them of what they should think/feel.

    If you try to relate with them in the intro, you keep your thesis semi-hidden until you've laid down the fundamental groundwork of your topic, and you ease into why your candidate should be seriously considered due to those 3-4 issues, you will get a lot of ppl to take notices. **Make those issues speak to them, your audience**

    Why does continued militarism/ botched foreign policy affect them directly?

    Why does printing money out of thin air affect them directly?

    What does it mean when a candidate runs on government transparency and then goes against those promises and hires administration members who are sketchy as fuck?
  12. Hand out copies of the Constitution and Bill of Rights? :confused_2:
  13. Whatever you do, hit them with as many facts as possible. Don't dabble in any speculation or hypotheticals. Just give them one fact after another.

    Also, if your teacher is going to be a pain about this, don't mention Ron Paul at all. Just talk about his ideas. For example, you could do a history of the federal reserve and talk about how it is technically unconstitutional without mentioning that Ron Paul wants to dismantle it. It's funny how much people agree with concepts when they don't know whose ideas they are.

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