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Help with rolling technique, I am hopeless!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VCNMaverick, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. I've literally gone through two packs of papers trying to roll a proper joint to no avail. I bought a rolling machine that rolls them perfect (though it's a 70mm) but I will not rest until I can properly roll a respectable and smokable doobie.

    I can get to the point where the mix is even and cylindrical, but the 'tuck' is what fucks me over. It also doesn't help having chronically shaky hands. I try and try to tuck the paper onto and over the mix but just end up clumsily folding it onto the mix and wrinkling the paper up, not to mention dropping loads of weed out the sides. Then once I awkwardly get some kinda roll going, it ends up looser than a woman with nine kids and I have to resort to twisting both ends up. Someone please help me figure out this infamous tuck that everyone else seems to get in a snap.
  2. I don't think someone could describe it in a way for you to nail it in one try.

    I always use a filter. Get all the weed in, tuck the filter in on the left side, make sure you do it over a solid surface like a desk so you can salvage any weed that falls out, then tuck the part of the rolling paper facing you, under the part you're staring at, starting at the filter. There's no weed there so it should be easier to tuck it in. When you've done that, work your way up to the right of the joint. Lick, stick, spark.
  3. [ame=]YouTube - How to Roll A Cig w/ a Bill[/ame]

    American currency works best...something to do with texture/traction.
  4. Place the 'roach' on the left hand side and sprinkle the material out evenly (more on the right side if you want a cone). Then have the slide the flaps together up and down, making your material inside a cylindrecal shape. Then tuck it at the filter side first, then lick then roll and twist.

    It's hard to explain, but just look up guides. OR buy some tobacco and practice with that rather and dropping all your weed everywhere. Plus rolling with tobacco is easier and ocne you've got the jist of that you'll soon be able to do it with weed.

    Hope this helped :wave:
  5. i suck at rolling... but i can make nice king size joints without tbacco in it :p
  6. buy a rolling machine? i can get one for 15 euros and they seem pretty decent ! thats the best i can tell ya if u suck at rolling :p
  7. man i take my 2 thumbs and point them towards eachother and press them along the bud to my middles and just sorta spin that shit down with my thumbs and index, its real easy to do man or just use a dollar for it. If you use a second peice after your first if the tuck is ugly it comes out pretty <3 lol
  8. i used to suck also, im sure it took a while for most of us.....
    the problem you have to work out is dropping the weed on the sides.

    this is what i did when i first started rolling.

    before you start, twist a small, small peice on the end you are going to smoke out of, not the end you will spark up. this is really so the weed dosnt fall out.

    next put all of the weed in the joint
    take a finger and gently press the weed down
    now tyr and roll the joint around in between your thumb an a finger. this is so the joint takes place.
    when you do this kept a differnt finger, from your other hand by the smoking end, because while you do this weed will fall out. after a while and you start to get it down less and less bud will fall. (or you can twist both ends) you should feel it as it takes shape. dont lick the paper until you feel it is right.

    i tried the dollar first and got that down, but i wanted to roll quick. now i am able to actauly roll a joint while stoped at a red light.

    the trick is twisting that end peice. after you get that first step down try experimenting differnt things so you can roll it with out tiwsting the end.
    if you still need help pm me and ill send you some pics

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