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  1. I'm having a little trouble with finding this, Looked everywhere. But when should I transfer my rockwool to my dwc system? I germinated 6 OG Kush plants 8 days ago, had em under a humidity dome and got 6 sprouts. 4 of them are showing their roots at the bottom. I have them in a tray with rockwool under a 600w lamp. Been spraying purified water onto cubes. Temps at 82 and rh 55%
    Also I have two seeds that seem to be drooping /:
    Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Its tough to say why your seedlings are drooping. Most likely, over watering. Rockwool is very tough to water correctly especially if you are new to growing. When you pick up the rockwool cubes, you should be able to give them a little squeeze and not have any water drip out. If you over saturate the rockwool you risk suffocating the roots.

    If your seedlings are showing a good amount of roots I would transfer them to the dwc system you have. Another reason for the plants drooping is a lack of nutrients, but I doubt thats the problem. Most likely over watering.
  3. Thank you very much for replying. Unfortunately I lost all my seedlings last night. When I picked Up my rockwool it was bone dry and my sprouts looked lifeless. I tried to spray purified water on the cube but they look pretty dead, I'm gonna give them 8 more hours and if theres no signs of recovery then I will have to germinate my 6 freebies later.
  4. Sun leaves starter every time under a hidity dome
  5. I think I'm gonna try the starter plugs when I clone. Has anyone had high success rates dong this? And I'm probably gonna pick up some clonex to, it's nice those starters come with a sample

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