help with red bud??

Discussion in 'General' started by TheMightyKush, Aug 14, 2011.

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    anybody ever seen this kind of bud? ive heard from lots of 70s tokers that said they had red bud and im trying to find genetics and history i believe the name is afghani red kush or something any info is very much appreciated :smoking:
  2. man that is the coolest shit ive ever seen and I want some right now.
  3. It looks like someone soaked bud in kool-aid....
  4. check out ultraviolet by i forget the name of the seed bank im trying to find it looks sorta like the pic on the right
  5. Is that even smoke-able?
  6. im guessing the darker ones arent properly cured yet with some water weight
  7. food-coloring?
  8. no im 100% sure the one on the right is real because i showed it to an old 70s smoker friend of mine and said that was the shit he would get, he said they had red bud blonde bud and a variety of shaded greens
  9. Wow dude that shit is trippy is this real?
  10. Subbed, hopefully someone knows the strain.

    OP, try posting in the growing section, someone there might know.

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