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          hello all. i'm having a little trouble figuring out a rdwc setup. my last grow came out good. i did 2 plants in one large tote with a scrog but changing the rez was a 2 man operation.
    Now i only have a small cab its 24"d x 48"w x 7 feet high with a 400w. I like to do rdwc so i can keep the rez outside the cab and do all draining and adjustments from there. I can fit 6 of the square 4gallons in with space a small space in between them for the plummingi have 20 feet of 1/2" id tubing along with straight barbs 90's and a few tees.i have 2 pumps one is an 80gph and the other like 600gph.
    i dont really have the ardware at the moment to out the 1/4 feed lines into the top of the bucket but when i do get around to it i will probably pick up a distributor cap and have feed to each of the buckets but for the moment and to keep the downtime to a minimun i'd like to see if it is possible to have  the feed and drain's at the bottoms of the buckets i'd like to
    run 6 buckets 2 rows of 3 and put a 1/2" hose that tees into the last 2 buckets then chain the buckets in a row back to the res and i was thinking maybe put them on a slight incline to get them to drain back to the rez faster.
    does anyone think this will work or could i use the 1/2 to make a feed line that would go into the sides of the bucket near the top with a 90 so it shoots the water down into the bucket then tie them all intogether with 1/2" id for the drain as well?

  2. once i figure out how to put up an image i will post a diagram of my design
  3. You might check out my rig.
    1/2" plumbing I found to be to small.
    IMO go with 1".
  4. yeah that seems to be the opinion of many. i've seen many ppl say 1/2" feed and 1" return  its just that i'm kinda in the middle of no where and stores round here only have clear 3/4 or 1" tubing they didn't even have a 3/4 thread to 1/2" barb so thats why i question if its doable to do 1/2" feed and return and just regulate the pump to where i need it
  5. Recirculating DWC systems work best when the recirculating part flows strongly.   I used 2" PVC with Uniseals to link my buckets together in a small 4 bucket system, which allow a LOT of flow (See my DIY undercurrent thread).  You want a lot of flow, a LOT!
    The next two factors that you must consider are:
    2 watts per gallon of air pump power, and keeping nutrients at 68F.   
    If you address all three of these (flow, air, and temps) you shouldn't have any problem with having a successful grow.  If you lack in any of them, you're best choosing another method.
  6. yeah i can fill all those parameters but i just have one question for anyone who can help. in fig 1 i have the drains chained to going back to the res with the feeds feeding to each individual bucket. will this work or will i have a mess on my hands? in the second drawing the feed lines are absent but will be the same as fig 1 but the drains will all flow into 1 tube (per 3 buckets) back to the res. i beleive that this will be the way i go its just that space between buckets is tight option 1 will give me a little more room for the plumbing.

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  7. Based on your drawing, your buckets will drain and fill at different rates.  See the link in my signature for a RDWC design.

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