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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by trueweedsmoker, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Help.....I need help setting up a RDWC setup that will distribute water and nutrients evenly without over flowing or flowing too less water........Does anyone have any plans.
  2. Yeah check my to grow I have all the details on making the setup.
    The fill is 3/8 ID and the drain is 1/2 inch ID. I have a 260 GPH pump inside my reservoir and I have my buckets about 2 inches above the reservoir for drains and water changes.

    RDWC, 600w HID, LSD beans
  3. thnx alot friend, im going to check out your setup now.
  4. thnx im about to go see it now...........i dont see how you set it up
  5. Well I got the res with a 260 gph water pump hooked to the fill lines at the top of each bucket, via T'e and elbows etc... There it pumps into the top, then drains out the bottom of each bucket running back to the res via elbows, T'e etc... I have a commercial air pump with 2 stones in the res, and one in each bucket bottom. Water looks like it's boiling.
    I that what was fuzzy?
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