Help with PSP stuff??

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Rubber_Ugly, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Well, I located FOUR looks (reasonably) loaded and ready to go, two are (I think??) void of any sort of altering or 'hacking', and one - my beloved silver 3000 - is locked up. :(
    (One of 'em is the white Star Wars version and another is the red God of War, if that makes any difference?)

    Trouble is, I've long since lost touch with the guy that set these up for me, and I dunno a 'firmware' from a frog's leg. Why oh WHY does this technology confound and frighten me?? :cry:
    I need Millennial aide!!

    Thanks so much, I await your PM!
  2. Im going today to buy a psp with 4 games and a dvd and a carrying case. Thats all i know about psp.
  3. im confused a bit about what your asking but to unlock the bricked one you may perhaps need a pandora battery and MAgic memory stick with the firmware preloaded on to it. the pandora battery will place the device into service mode and allow it to boot from the memory card all can be purchased for around $40 usd

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