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help with price

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nernie, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. so i have a friend who has been smoking for a long time and she said she got some really awesome stuff that is purplish in color. she said she paid $30 for a little less than 2g, but she said she was totally out of it after just 1 hit. so i asked her how much it would be for a 1/4 and she said $140. i always just buy mids so i dont know if this is ridiculous or not. i leave in southern virginia and i usually pay like $50-$60 for a 1/4 of mids. sorry this is long and confusing, but any help? thanks
  2. really? no words of advice from gc?
  3. 140 for a qtr is 70/eigth. very expensive, so idk, i wouldnt do it
  4. 140 is very steep.
    very steep. It's probably not worth it.
  5. if its 30 for half eighth, why not 120~ for quad?
  6. iidk dude it's not THAT much over pricedi'd try it if it's what ur friend said it was like
  7. For good bud, it should be about 120 a quarter. If its really good, like super dank and purple, then $140 is kinda high, but not too bad. The girl is probally just charging you 20 bucks extra for getting it.
  8. Def not.

    She told you she paid 30 bucks for half an eighth. That's 120 a quad, minimum. She's taxing you twenty bucks or so to get this bag and will undoubtedly pinch buds from it too. If I were you, I'd just buy the half eighth first and try it out. Why buy a quad if there is no price break and your not sure about it yet?

    Just buy a half eighth and if it's good buy another eighth and a half for 90 bucks.
  9. 140 is way two much, like gbscheeser already said shes just tryingto get 20 bucks of you and probably pinch your sak. 90-120 is the norm anything else is just to much, but times with weed and no money are better then times with money and no weed
  10. 120 is typically the max for a quarter. 140 sounds like your getting taxed 20 for buying it from her. Im sure she pays 120 for it
  11. im also from virginia bro so listen to me. i get mid for 50 a quarter (1/4) and dank for 60 an 8th (1/8 oz) 120 for a quarter of dank (1/4) which is actually quite expensive even for my area.

    i wouldnt do it, u can prolly get a full oz of mid for almost 140.. i get them for 150. tihnk of it like this bro, why spend 140 on some "dank" that ur not even sure if its that dank, if u can buy 4 times that much of some nice mid for that price or a little more.

    if anything get a dub of that shit for 45.. or an 8th for 70 (if u have money like that) but even then its still very pricey, but its better to buy less of it first before u go spending a shitload. good luck bro. i hope u take my advice.

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