Help with pot size in DR40.

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  1. Just started my seedlings. Growing in a dr40 with 150w hps in FFOF with FF trio.
    I'm planning on growing two plants as this is my second try.
    Tent dimensions: 16" wide x 16" deep x 47" tall

    I already ordered two, 2 galllon smart pots. Did I order too small, or will the 2 gallons work better considering my space?
    I would also really like to attempt LST this time. Would the 2 gallons even allow that?
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  4. post some pics. itll be easier to tell how much space the pots are actually taking up.
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    hey RJ check out my grow.... I made DIY smart pots to fit in the space... most smart pots are wide and short but mine are narrow and tall... it was easy to make and I'll be able to fit up to 9 plants in a 31''x31'' space... let me know what you think about that? peace.

    to answer your question the 2 gallons are a good choice. however do not use more than 10-15% of perlite because your plants will dry out very fast if you are not going to transplant into larger containers and you do have adequate ventilation (necessary anyway).

    don't know if that makes sense but let me know. then you might find that you want to transplant to larger containers, in which case the larger smart pots are a good idea.... and well i decided to reduce their footprint by making my own.. cost less than $20 for material and fabric stapler

  6. Great, thanks a lot for the information! Literally just debating how much perlite I was going to use.
    Nice grow! Definitely gives me more faith that I will be able to do 2 plants with no problems.
    I will stick to the 2 gallons for now, If need arises I will try out the 3 or 5 gallons. So excited!

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