Help with possible strain(a jamacian bagseed)

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  1. A friend brought a few seed home from jamacia got on fem here she is about 30 days flower.
    any ideas what generally gets grown over there for sale to joe holiday maker? it's got a real nice citrus smell and really sticky.

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  2. Jamaican Lambsbreath or lambsbread some people say would be my guess I am growing sharksbreath which is great white shark x jamaican lambsbreath and it looks a lot like that.

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  3. Hey just got back from Jamaica a few months ago. The main strain on the island is called Monkey Skunk by the locals. Its real good for flavor potency and overall bag appeal. I got an ounce for like $40 from the hotel i stayed at in negril.
  4. cheers people it smells lovely looking forward to that more than my "JACK" plant thats nearly done!
  5. That looks like some mayo kush.
    Although I could be mistaken.
  6. think i'd be a lucky to have lambsbread! although i wouldn't complain.
    Never heard of mayo kush!
    I'll keep this updated until harvested. thanks folks
  7. I was joking.
    You can't get an ID on your plant.
  8. guessed that mate just wondered if they only grew certain strains out there!

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