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  1. Ok I have 2 plants in 3 gallon pots, white widow and bubblelicious, anyway I have them in 4 parts ocean forest, 1 part perlite, 1 part vemiculite, about 2 1/5 tbsp lime and earthworm castings. They are a week and half into flowering with 400hps bulb and 4 2700k cfl placed around them. I have temps around 78-80 with lights on and around 72 with lights out. Humiditiy have have 50 percent all the time. They were looking fine sunday night when I watered them but today I noticed top fan leaves started to have light green veins and the rest of the leaf is somewhat discolored, probably cause it just started to affect them, I know it will get worse if I dont correct it. I use fox farm trio nutes and water the ppms are around 1500. I checked them today to see if their need watered later tonight early morning tomorrow but they were still pretty good. I use a waterering meter and it showed wet just a couple inches in, my finger was still moist when I stuck it to my knuckle plus they are still heavy. I did notice that the 1 that looked like its starting to get sick that the ph was 5.5 and the other was 6 but she showed no signs YET. I dont plan on trying to fix the deficiency rather I want the ph bavk up to 6.5ish and I jnow that should fix it. I checked the ph with a soil meter and a soil test kit and both read the same. The next watering should be with nutes but how can I get the ph back up. If I increase the ph of the water wont that be a temporary fix and the ph will decrease and cause ph flunctuation problems. Any suggestions would help. I can post pics later tonight when the lights come on. Thanks
  2. If you see the discoloration on the fan leaves. I also noticed some leaves are missing pieces. Will a good flush help out

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  3. Well I flushed with 6 gallons of ph'd water and my ph came back up to approximately 6.5 by nightime and it is looking healthy and grew about 2 inches in a day. So I will keep an eye on it

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