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Is the plant healthy

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  1. Hello , I would like some feedback on this plant it's currently 1 week old (2nd Sept)
    Gender and strain is unknown.

    Do you think it's healthy ?
    Also do you have any tips
    I currently don't use any lights for this plant it grows only by sun light

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  2. Looks fine to me. In another week I'd transplant to a 1-2 gallon pot of nutrient rich and well draining soil.
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  3. Initial thought is it looks like Indica.
  4. Thanks for the tips .
    I will remember to transplant it in a week to a 1-2 gallon
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  5. Could be I have no idea.
    I was given the seed from a friend he had 5 but managed to kill all of his
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  6. Yes, about right for soil grow. I agree that it could be an Indica. Kinda early to tell though. Indicas will have fatter, more rounded leaves. Sativas will have thinner, longer leaves. Looks healthy though. Make sure it gets plenty of ventilation. At this stage, ventilation is key to insuring a healthy strong trunk.

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  7. Also, you won't be able to tell gender for about another month...unless it is an autoflower

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  8. Ok thanks , I leave it outside from 07:00 to 21:00 so it gets plenty of ventilation then it gets moved in for the night
  9. Don't you have to look for pollen sacks or small hairs to determine gender ?
  10. Yes...look at the internodes (intersection of main trunk and side branches) after about a month. You will see either tiny rounded things developing (balls) or pointed cones with two little white hairs sticking out (female).

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  11. Ok will do.

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