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  1. Hello,

    I'm an beginner when it comes to growing cannabis and I've (unsuccessfully) grown a single plant a couple years ago.

    Why unsuccessfully? Well, to put it short it just tasted bad and didn't do anything in terms of high. I have a few suspicions why but it's really not the point of this thread.

    So this year I've decided to try again since its been very very hard to get a regular supply lately. Nothing like growing your own "food".

    Here's my two babies. They have a 1 week difference in age but the smaller one came out with just 1 sun leaf which hurt its growth.

    It's probably worth mentioning that both of them are autos which are about 5 weeks old, maybe 6 (I don't have the marked calendar here with me)

    The thing is, late last week and especially this week, the larger one started to show some problems. I went ahead and did some research on what might be the problem but I've come away with more questions than answers.

    Here's the issue.
    Some of the older bottom leaves started to yellow and gain larger and larger brown scars. But the problem is that it's also starting to show on some of the top leaves as well. Small brown spots, some yellowing on the leaves tips and something that looks like white spots. I went ahead and plucked the bottom leaves out.

    Just to play on the safe side and since I had not done it before on these plants, I watered them with BioBiz Grow this morning.

    Now, I'm not sure if the problem is too much heat (we've had quite a few hot days here in Portugal in the past couple weeks), potassium deficiency, calcium deficiency or some other nastier problem, which requires a trained eye.
    I water them every 3-5 days (depending on the moisture left in the dirt) with tap water. I don't check the pH since I don't have a way to do it. Just leave the water ready in the container for about 12hrs and give it to the plants the following day.

    Is anyone able to tell right away what might be the issue and how to fix it?

    Best Regards. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Without a pH meter there is no way of telling what's wrong - nutrient deficiencies are generally caused by the wrong pH or pH fluctuations, and the first thing you do for any problem is check the pH. I'm surprised you got the plant to where it is without checking the pH of your nute solution. Why did you start with autos? Not a good idea.
  3. Hi! I don't use a nute solution. Today was actually the first day I did it, just i case. So far, only plain water has been given to these plants.

    I chose to start with autos thinking they would flower anyway even if I did something (not terribly) wrong and because I had been told by more experienced growers that they are easier to grow.

    Guess I need to get myself a pH checker to be safe but other than that, the photos don't show any immediately recognizable problems?

  4. I'm not a soil grower so I can't offer much help - but the proper pH is important for all plants - too high or too low can lock out certain elements. Autos are not a good choice unless the grower has the ability to grow the plant from start to finish without any problems - and most beginners have problems - including myself when I started. Photos allow you time to work out any problems that may arise.
  5. I would love to get myself a proper greenhouse, lighting and the whole shebang but my wife ain't happy with that idea. Hell, she doesn't even like that I have these two outdoors but it is what it is.

    Out of curiosity I went searching for the municipality tap water pH levels (they have to be regularly tested and published) and I found out that the MINIMUM pH recorded had been around 7.1 with a MAX of 8.2.

    Guess I should start taking more attention to the water pH and try to bring it down to around 6.5. 7.1 as a minimum seems like a lot.

    Thank you for your MickFoster. I'll wait for a few more other replies :)
  6. Aside from the pH, does anybody else see an immediately recognizable issue?
    Calcium, Potassium, etc?

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