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    -We have a Northern Lights AF growing in greenhouse

    -The '8 week' seed to flower plant is showing signs of budding

    -Calyxes (?) have appeared on the top and at the nodes

    We currently use Tomorite, but have just recieved some Canna PK 13/14


    At what point is it best to start using the PK?

    Do you just use one dose?Or continue until Flower? If you do use just one, do you then go back to your normal nutes?

    Do you also carry on with your normal nutes (in my case Tomorite)?

    <span style="background-color: #000000;"><span style="background-color: #ffffff;"><span style="color: #000000;">Any help would be great. Thanks</span>

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    So what's your question?
    I'm smoking PK right now, good stuff
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    My questions are in red, I mean PK 13/14 as in the High Phosperous/High Potassium nute bloom booster
  4. Haha oh.
    Go by the feed chart. It states when to use it and for how long. Your best bet is to follow that chart until you become more familar with both the strains your growing and the product.

    With PK13/14 you can start with half dose and then work your way up from there according to how the plants respond.

    As far as when to use it, again follow the charts. With a product like this, normally 3 to 4 weeks before harvest is a good time to use. So for a 10 week strain you would start at week 6 or week 7.
  5. Great. Just double checking.Don't want to burn the plant after all this effort
  6. Just an FYI tho, a 0-10-10 is better for flowering. And you can use that the entire flowering time.
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    Damn. That's worth knowing for next time around. I've spent the money now :/

    Thanks for all your help
  8. I use a fertilizer from J.R. Peters called "Jacks." It was recommended to me by a fellow grower on another forum. Before this, I had been using a set of nutrients by General Hydroponics that was incredibly expensive and continually burned my plants. The stuff I'm feeding with now is a powder that dissolves in the water and only takes about 10 seconds to mix up. I bought enough to last me at least a year for a tad under $10 and I've had no signs of burning yet. I firmly believe that most of this nutrient stuff is hype and they're just making money off us. I doubt I'll ever go back to using the other mixes again. TWW
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    I use Dutch nutrients and carboload for boost in flower. All liquid.

    A lot of plants can't handle a full strength of a nutrient mixture right away, some growers I know and personal business owners have told me to half the dose and gradually get into the full dose. I've never had any nute burns and I check my ph before every second watering(feeding). A lot of it is each to their own and what works for them is all good.

    My nutrients are A&B for veg and A&B for flower, you get 4 bottles and their $8 for each.
    I'm in a Coco, vermiculite mix and my plants lover it.
  10. I've been using pk13-14 for a while now. And now trying the boost.This product defiantly works. When the flowers are looking full at around 5-6 weeks depending on strain. Canna say week 5 for something that will finish at 8-9 weeks. Give them half does first watering , then if they handle it go a bit stronger next time. How you use it depends on how you are watering! In res or run to waste! I hand water mine so I only give them two or three waterings over a week or so . I can see a big boost in extra flowering after that. Most importantly make sure you give yourself plenty of time to flush it out . All these high phos additives can leave a bad taste if you don't . I've tried a fair few different brands over the time. As a system Canna works great. From noobs through to professionals. Their are so many brands now to choose from, some have like ten additives. Wtf.!!!

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