help with pill identification

Discussion in 'General' started by grass roots, May 20, 2004.

  1. okay, since ID this is temporarally down, i figured i'd ask any of you...

    I know this is vicodin, but does anyone know the dosage?


    this one says G800 on it. the 8 is worn off though in the picture... i heard its ibuprofan (sp?), which i hope not...
  2. well, in the words of someone who finds random pills the morning after a house party while cleaning up and drinking (a dumbass) "when in doubt pop em down"

    since no one else is replying, if your site isnt back up try errowid, ive used there a few times to identify pills, lol.
  3. looks like you're ranging between 500mg-750mg.

    have fun with that bro.
  4. Dident wanna make another topic for this but does anyone know if this pill can get you high or anything?


    its amoxicillin 500mg
  5. no no no thats like an antibiotic my grandmothers has those she takes them when she is sick
  6. Yup, penicillin-based. No psychoactive properties, and frequently causes allergic reactions.

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