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  1. Hi all im trying to do a perpetual grow but i have a bit of a problem
    I only have 2 ebb and flows in my closet Using 2 litters filled w hydroton Im wanting every 2 weeks a harves of about 3 small plants for pers use
    Ive got a mother clone area panda plastic seperating it
    Im using 400 watt in a 2 by 4 by 8 closet using flora nova 2 part veg till a foot each , but my prob comes to this perpetual for every two weeks requires 4 areas. Any ideas ? Ps i am two weeks into flowering 3 plans and have another 3 clones fully rooted ready to be flowered my fear is 1 even if i can properly arrage plants to get the light they need( i should 400hps 18 onchs away from ebb n flows with cool tube ) plants in diffrent stages will need diffrent amounts of nutes and i dont want the amount of nutes im using on the 1 foot plants 2 weeks of flower , to nute burn the 3 new clones im about to add . Any ideas?
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    Use only the Nova Bloom through all stages if you just have one res. for flower. Sure, they'd do better if ya could do boosters but compromise is a must in this case. PPMs are strain dependent. about 800 to 900. But really, I think you'll be surprised at how well they do!
  3. I mean i have say an ebb n flow 3x3 table
    And in using full strngth nuts bc half of the table is month one of flower
    And right now on second half of same table i just put in 3 clones, and since using full strength nutes its going to nute burn my clones and i dont know what to do
  4. Did they burn?
    What are your ppms?
    May try veg'n a bit longer and pushing the feed up on the next run of clones..

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