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  1. hey you guys i am trying to make my own PC grow case. the size of the case is 7.5'', 17.5'', 17.1'' (w,l,h). i am using one 28wat cfl and one 23wat (fresh2) cfl bulb. i will also be using pots that i made which are 3.5'', 17'', 3'' (w,l,h). so the only things left i have to figure out are the fans and what strain to get. i already have 4 80mm fans (2 for intake 2 for output) but i need to know if there is a way i can get power to them without using the computers big power supply which takes up a lot of space:confused:. as for the strain i am looking for a plant that is all or mostly sativa, is feminized and preferably is auto flowering. any plant that is under 60cm tall would work because i will be using lst. any help would be appreciated thx.:smoke:
  2. i did some research on some good strains to grow in small places and i think I'm going to go with a feminized auto flowering AK-47 from the joint doctors seeds. i either going to do that or do lst training on the plant of my dream (lsd) :D but it gets 80cm tall.
    i also read on a different forum that you could hook up your computer fans to a 12 volt or higher ac adapter. my only question is how the heck do i do this. :confused: detailed instructions would be very helpful. also if you guys have any other advise please tell me.
  3. i need to know how to set up PC fans to ac adapters. if the ac adapter has a black and a white wire and the fan has a red yellow and black wire what is the match up of the wires. please help me find out this last bit of information i need to know so i can finish my pc grow box and start growing.:D
  4. on the AC adapter the wire with the line is positive, the other is negative

    on the pc fan black is always negative. red SHOULD be positive, but can vary by manufacturer. i have about 10 pc fans with many different color wire combinations.

    the good thing is, if you hook up the positive to the red wire and its wrong, it shouldnt hurt anything, if it doesnt work, try the yellow one.

    just twist them together and plug it in to test, if it works good, if not switch them. id try the red first
  5. thx for the info legalize me.:) i was able to successfully hook up all four fans and they are now up and running but i have a few new questions. first of id just like to say i just ordered a 5 pack of LSD marijuana seeds online from the Attitude seed bank.:cool: so i was wondering if i should use LST or one of the 2 different types of scrog. i was also wandering what the best type of fertilizer is that you can buy from home depot. also should i woory about ph testing and the humidity levels in the case.:confused:

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